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USB Cloner USB2.0 i9 Gold Series

USB Cloner USB2.0 i9 Gold Series

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Product information USB Cloner i9 Gold Series

The USB Cloner USB2.0 i9 Gold Series is our best USB stick copier.
It comes with unique features that are only in this model available.
Besides the features of the i9 silver series the gold version comes with 4 additional features.
These features are the Log report, a Write Protect function, the Double Source comparison and the Burn-in Proof features.

All these features are coming with our best USB Cloner i9 gold !


A quick and reliable copy process is the most important feature for an usb cloner.
We offer 2 different ways to copy your data.

Different copy modes

If you are copying well-known formats like WIN,Linux or MAC the system can copy in the Quick-Copy mode. This mode is called "system&files" and copies only the data on your master usb thumbdrive.

The system can even copy unknown files without any problem. Just be aware, that the copier will copy the complete usb stick "bit-by-bit". The process will take more time but you are still able to copy every kind of data. You need to make sure the targets have at least the same capacity as the master.
There is no need of formating the devices before the copy process. The USB 2.0 cloner will automatically format the targets so they will always get the same format as the master.

Amazing copy speed


Due to our FPGA technology we will never have a decrease in the copyspeed.
As PC-based system will always have a bad performance if you plug more an more sticks.
Our usb cloners will provide a stable copy speed.
No matter if you copy to 5, 10 or 59 targets.

Erase functions

With the erase functions you can use this system as a wiping tool.
Just use "Quick Erase", "Full Erase" or "DoD erase" and get rid of all the date on your USB devices.
It was never so fast and easy to wipe data in a safe way.

Monitoring Tool

The U-Reach intelligent 9 gold series comes with the monitoring tool.
You can check out your duplication process on the monitor of your PC.
Just connect your USB cloner to your computer and start the monitoring tool software. You can follow your production progress now on the monitor.

Quick Sockets

One of the nicest features is the "Quick-Socket-Technology".
Change the sockets of your duplicator just by yourself.

Do not lose time if you are a high volume flash producer.
Once a port is worn out just change it by yourself.


Ergonomical Design

With our new generation of USB 2.0 duplicators we chose an ergonomic and
space-saving design. We wanted to create a comfortable user experience with all our silver and gold duplicator series.


Additional power supplies

The gold series can be used to copy USB-HDDs.
There is the option to add more power supplies to the usb-hdd copy system.
As you can add addtional power systems to the duplicator we can assure that the duplicator is never running our of enough power.


LOG Report


The Log report is a feature to safe log files in the duplicator. On demand you can extract these log files via USB to your computer. Store them in your databank or print them out for the QC management process.

The Log files will help you to archive your production results and
even gives you the chance to search for serial numbers of flash devices later.

Write Protection


We are proud to offer our Write Protect solution for usb thumbdrives !
The USB sticks cannot be deleted or changed and nobody can add data to the device.
So if you need to distribute usb thumdrives with important data the i9 gold usb duplicator is the solution for you.

The U-Reach usb sticks for this solution at highest quality standards.
We guarantee that our usb stick write protection works perfect with our sticks.

Especially in the flash market there is a lot of bad quality goods in the market. With our long experince and contacts in this market we supply the best solution at reasonable price. We produce the sticks individuall on your demand. Ask us for a quotation.

Double Source Comparison

In a mass production environment you need to know that your flash media can lose bits with every reading and writing process.
If you produce a high quantity of media always with the same media the master might get worn out.
For this problem we created the "Double Source Comparison" feature.
The master data from your source device will be copied to your targets and the compare will be done with your second master stick !
This way you are safe that all bits are still at the master device.

Burn-in Proof and other Test functions

The USB 2.0 cloner i9 gold offers a huge variety of test functions.
Media import or flash production companies use our equipment to test their goods fast and efficient.

Besides the speed test, capacity check, H3, H5, H6 test we offer the Burn-in Proof test function. With this function you can define the testing environment by yourself.
Write and read your media up to 30 days constantly and setup a failure rate.
Once the media crosses the failure rate the usb stick will be kicked out with an red LED.

Product Summary

The USB cloner intelligent 9 Gold series is the system with the most features in the market. If you are looking for an high-end thumbdrive copy system with lots of features you found it !
If there is no need for Log report, double source comparison, write protection or Burn-in proof function you can have a look at our silver series as well.

Datasheet USB Cloner i9 series Gold

To check out the specification of the i9 USB copier gold you can click here.


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