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USB 3.0 Copy Tower Super7 U3 Series

USB 3.0 Copy Tower Super7 U3 Series

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Product Information USB Super7 U3 Series

The USB 3.0 Copy Tower Super7 is our first real USB 3.0 duplicator.
We integrated our new Generation controller from our Nvme duplicators,
to launch the fastest standalone USB 3.0. stick copier in the world.
The system works fully standalone with easy-to-use panel.
The duplication tower comes with blue LCD display and 4 buttons.


2 available Copy Modes


The Super7 U3 duplicator can copy your USB devices in different modes.
Depending on the format of your data you can use a quick copy mode "System&Files" or you need to copy your full thumbdrive with the "Whole Media" Mode.


Win, Linux and Mac formats can be copied with "System&Files" mode in most cases.
You still can copy unknown formats "bit-by-bit" with the "Whole Media" copy function.

Highspeed Datacopy


The USB 3.0 Copy Tower Super7 comes with an awesome speed performance.
Finally there is a copy system for 3.1 devices that really capable of handling high-speed media.
Please note that the real copy speed depends on the used media and the full setup environment.

Erase Options

The tower can be used as a data wiping tool.
Plug in your targets that you want to erase and choose "Quick Erase" or "Full Erase"
(NIST 800-88)

High Compatibility

The system can handle USB1.1/USB2.0/USB3.0/USB3.1 and USB-HDD media.
Different copy speeds are the result of the writing speed and specification of media.

Product Summary

This USB 3.0 copy machine is the first real usb3.0 copy mashine.
It is really using the USB3.0 connectors and is not just compatible like other systems.
All systems can handle USB3.0 sticks but with USB2.0 connectors.
The real systems work with blue USB3.0 sockets.
If you need additiomal features like LOG report or Write Protect function check out our others USB3.1 duplicators.

Datasheet for USB3.0 Copy Tower Super7 U3

Check all information about the Super7 U3 Series in the datasheet here.

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