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USB 3.0 duplicator iU3 Gold Series

USB 3.0 duplicator iU3 Gold Series

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Product Information USB iU3 Gold Series


Different Copy Modes


The USB 3.0 duplicator can copy known and unknown formats.
Known formats like Win, Linux and Mac can normally be copied with the quick copy function "System&Files".
Unknown formats still can be copied "bit-by-bit".
You just need to make sure that the targets have the same capacity or bigger as the master device.

Wiping Modes

The USB 3.0 duplicator can erase media with 4 different wipe functions.
Choose your copy mode between "Quick Erase", "Full Erase", DoD Erase" and "NSA Erase". The usb drive duplicator will erase all your media in the target ports.
The master port is always a "Read-Only" port. This way we make sure no master is erased by mistake.

Duplication Speed


With our new U3 series we set new standards at flash duplication speeds.
No other system is faster when it comes to usb flash duplication.
The exact speed perfomance depends on the duplication environment and used media.

Signal Detection


Our USB 3.0 duplicator can individually recognize the media that is plugged in.
So by checking the right signal, the copier will adjust its copy mode for the right media.
It is important to handle each flash media technology in its own way.
The USB 3.0 sticks should be handled in a different way as the USB 2.0 media internally.
For this reason it is not always the best choice to use a USB2.0 duplicator for USB3.0 devices.

Quick Sockets


We developed the Quick Socket to safe your time and money.
There is no need of wasting time if a socket is worn out.
You can solve this service demand all on your own.
Just turn of the USB 3.0 duplicator and pull out the defective socket.
Replace it by a new socket and restart the system.

Cooling Racks


If you use our USB copy machine for USB-HDD you can purchase optional cooling racks.
Sometimes during the copy process at high-speed the harddrives can get really hot.
To prevent a decrease in copy speed or even media damage,
you should cool down the media with our optional cooling racks.

Write Protect function for USB sticks


With our W-Mode USB thumbdrives you can create write protected USB sticks.
There is no way of adding, erasing or changing the data from unauthorized persons.
Just plug your W-Mode media into the duplicator and choose the function
"Copy&Compare&Set WriteProtect".
The flash quality and write protect function only guaranteed with media from U-Reach.

Log Report


A professional USB production line should have a QC management that logs all jobs.
With the log report function of the U3 usb drive duplicator you safe your logs.
The reports are safed on the duplicator and you can export these logs on demand.
Once the memory of the system is full it will overwrite the oldest logs.

You can import the log to your computer via the USB connection.
Individually choose the logs you want to download and save them on your computer.
You can put these logs into your databank, report the production to the production manager or print out these files and add them to the produced media.

Product Summary

This USB 3.0 duplicator is the fastest in the market and comes with all available features.
If you do not need the log report function you can choose the U3 silver series.
Speed up your usb flash media production with the USB duplicators from U-Reach !

Datasheet iU3 Gold

For further information on the Intelligent U3 Gold Series you can click here.

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