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Hard Drive Duplicator MT Series

Hard Drive Duplicator MT Series

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Product Information MT Series

Our MT Hard Drive Duplicator is the most flexible system from all our series. As this HDD-/SSD copier works with cables to connect the discs you can use plenty of different adapters. This way you can handle a wide range of different media formats. Just connect the correct SATA adapter and you are ready to handle your need format.

The MT series is available with 7, 15 or 23 targets and 3 different speed modes.
Available is the G-series with up to 9GB/min, the H-series with up to 18GB/min or the U-series with up to 30GB/min.


Different copy modes


The Hard Drive Duplicator MT can work in different copy modes.
Depending on your job you can choose the different copy modes and choose the right one for your workflow.

Amazing copy speed

We offer 3 different speed options in the MT series.
You can choose between -G (up to 9GB/min),
-H (up to 18B/Min) and
-U (up to 30GB/min) series.

This picture with 30GB/min is for the -U series ony.

Just choose the speed that will fit to your needs as the used media might be the bottleneck of your SSD production.

No matter if you need a Highspeed SSD copier or just a normal Hard Drive Duplicator.
We offer the right solution for everybody.

Erase functions


The MT series can be used as an eraser device to wipe your SSD or HDD.
You can choose between different modes and use the one that suits you the most.

The secure erase mode is used for SSD or flash media to send the right command to the device. The the erase function in the media itself will be activated.

CRC Checksum function

Our Hard Drive Duplicator guarantee grate copy processed bit-by-bit.
Furhtermore we can compare and guarantee the perfect duplication result by providing a CRC checksum.

Auto Rejection for slow media


With the auto rejection function for our hard drive duplicator you can define the minimum writing speed that need be used.
If a media is slower than this defined speed it will be rejected from the duplication process. We will power offer the media that does not match your defined specification.

Skip bad sector


Sometimes HDDs do have bad sectors that cannot be read anymore.
But you will still be able to copy the HDDs ! Just define the number of bad sectors from 1 to unlimited and the system will copy all available data.

LOG Report


The log report for our hdd and ssd copy systems is one of the best functions we provide. You can choose the data that you want to export to your computer and get the data via usb cable from the SSD copier.
This way you can safe the data to your system or use the log report as a QC managment tool in your company.

The log report shows you a lot of important data.
You can check system information or check the process or the media itself.

Wide range of adapters

The MT series Hard Drive Duplicator is the most flexible units when it come to different formats.
We can support all formats that work SATA based with our adapters.
Just connect the right adapter and you are ready to go !

Product summary

The MT series is the best solution if you need a professional Hard Drive Duplicator to duplicate a lot of harddisk or other media.
With the cable-based technology it is perfect to work with many different adapters.

If you focus on 2,5", 3,5" SATA based drives or only 2,5" SSD you can check out the IT series. The IT series works cable free with an easy slide-in & pull-out rack for the mentioned formats. 

Datasheets for MT -G,-H,-U Hard Drive Duplicator

For additional information on the different series you can click the following links to see the respective datasheet.

For the -G Standard series click here.
For the -H Highspeed series click here.
For the -U Ultraspeed series click here.


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