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SD duplicator i9 Gold Series

SD duplicator i9 Gold Series

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Product Information SD i9 Gold Series

Our Intelligent 9 Gold series SD/Micro SD duplicator is an efficient, standalone, and professional duplication device. We offer different models with up to 63 targets.

The SD/Micro SD duplicator provides a worry-free copy environment for users without the risk of virus corruption. The data copy process is enhanced with a compare function.

It also includes quick format capabilities. These characteristics greatly boost productivity and efficiency. This SD duplicator has a number of key functions, including flash device quality check, real capacity, speed checking, and format checking.


The SD cloner i9 Gold series is not only a copy system for SD cards. It offers you plenty of features. So this system is a duplicator, a testing mashines and a SD card eraser in one solution.

Copy modes


System and Files mode:
The duplicator duplicates the data area, rather than the empty spaces within the amount of data, to reduce the amount of time required. This copy mode supports FAT16, FAT32, FAT64, NTFS, ext2, ext3, ext4, HFS, and HFS+ file formats for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Whole media mode:
In addition to those listed above. If the file format to be copied is not on the list, the system can switch to "whole media copy" mode. In this mode it will copy every bit !

Copy Speed


Erase modes

If you want to erase microSD-cards or SD-cards you can use the unit as a flash wiping system. The master port is not able to erase cards. We define the source port as master port only. This way we prevent data loss on the master cards my mistake.

Test functions

In addition to being a fast duplicator, the Intelligent 9 SD/MicroSD memory card duplicator has several smart device quality checks. Flash device check, real capacity check, speed test, and device formatting are among the intelligent check functions of this device.

Log report

The Log report ist the best feature to create a report of your production.
You can export the Log files to your computer and safe them in you database. If you want to check specific processes later you can search your cards serial number.
Additionally you can print out the Log reports and add them to the produced media.


Double Source comparison


The double source comparison function is a function for high-volume duplication companies. If you duplicate a lot of flash media you have to focus onto the risk of data loss. If you read and write a flash media many times, there is the risk that some bits will become corrupted.
So if you read your master thousands of times the data might change slightly.

With the double source comparison feature this duplicator reads the date from Master 1 and compares the data with Master 2.
This way you assure the data on your targets 100% correct.

Write protection


SD cards in general offer the a write protect function.
With this SD duplicator you can use the Write Protect function and activate the write protection in the duplication process.
Just use the correct function and you media will be copied, compared and write protected.

Burn-in proof

The burn-in proof function is used to check the quality of your media.
If you are importing a lot of flash media you want to assure the quality is good.
You can plug your SD-cards into the duplicator and define your testing environment.
Define the testing period of time up to 30 days and write and read your media until a percentage of bits if corrupted.

Datasheet SD i9 Gold

To find all information about the SD duplciator i9 please check the datasheet here.

Product Summary

This SD card duplication system i9 Gold is the best duplicator you can have.
It offers you a lot of features other systems do not provide.
We as U-Reach spent a lot of engineering in our intelligent9 SD gold series.

You want the best SD duplicator in the market ? You found it !


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