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Portable USB Copier WP200D

Portable USB Copier WP200D

Normaalihinta €249,00
Normaalihinta Myyntihinta €249,00
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Product Information WP200D

The portable usb copy machine WP200D is a very compact USB duplicator.
It comes with a unique feature that most of our USB copiers do not provide.
You can create USB thumbdrives with write protection !
Make sure you use our W-mode USB thumbdrives that this function works.


The WP200D portable USB copier

You can use the system as a 1 to 1 usb cloner or just to create usb drives with a write protection.
This portable usb copy station is so small that it fits in every pocket.
You can carry it easily for one office to another if you need to use it on multiple locations.

Copyspeed of up to 25MB per secondcopy-speed-of-usb-copier-with-write-protect-function

The WP200D portable USB copier can copy with a speed of up to 25MB/second.
It will copy "bit-by-bit" and create you a perfect copy of your master.

Write Protection for USB Media

The WP200D can create you single USB thumbdrives with write protection.
With the USB write protection nobody can change the data, erase the data or delete the information on your flash devices. The can be copied and everybody can read them.
This function needs our W-mode USB thumbdrives. Other media is not supported.

Product Summary

If your demand is to create single USB thumbdrives with a write protect function in small numbers this unit will do the job.
For a medium or high quantities of USB sticks with write protection please check our i9 Gold series.

Datasheet for WP200D

Check out all additional information about the WP200D and click here.


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