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Portable Hard Drive Duplicator Goblin Series

Portable Hard Drive Duplicator Goblin Series

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Product Information Goblin Series

The Goblin hard drive duplicator comes with special features.
You can copy multiple master images as multisession to one big target HDD.
Additionally you can choose images from a master HDD and create original masters.


Multisession HDD Backup


Using the Goblin offers you the chance to copy multiple master HDD to one big target harddrive.

Restore ordiginal Master HDD


Once you stored multiple images on a master HDD you can choose the image and copy it to new master HDD. This way you can store multiple images on one big HDD and decide which image you want to copy onto the master.

Standalone hard drive duplicator

The standalone system GOBLIN does not need a computer or any additional software.
With out FPGA technology we specifically do not want to use an OS.
This is the only way to prevent any risk of virus infection and the only possibility to reach very fast duplciation speeds.

LED indicators


With the installed LED indicators you can visually recognize the result of your copy processes. You will find more information about each process on the display.
These LED indicators visualize the result of your last duplication job quickly.

Product Summary

U-Reach´s portable hard drive duplicator Goblin is a small and compact 1 to 1 HDD/SSD duplicator. The multisession copy mode is a unique feature of the Goblin.
No other system offers this great feature to back up multiple HDD to one target HDD or to choose images from one multisession HDD and create a new master with one image.

Datasheet for Goblin hard drive duplicator

If you want to find out more about the Goblin and see all specs click this link.


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