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Portable Hard Disk Cloner Hybrid Series HQ200

Portable Hard Disk Cloner Hybrid Series HQ200

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Product Information Hybrid Series

You want to copy from USB to HDD or HDD to USB ?
The you just found the right portable disk cloner for the job.
This hard disk cloner can copy in 4 different ways between different interfaces.
Copy from USB to SATA, USB to USB, SATA to SATA or duplicate from SATA to USB.

The U-Reach HQ200 is the only hard disc cloner hardware that comes with this
cross-format copy technology. It is available as standard unit with copyspeed of
up to 9GB per minute or the highspeed disk cloner with up to 18GB per minute.


Hard Disc Cloner copy modes

Each user has individual duplication and copy jobs to realize.
The hard disk cloner has 4 different copy modes available.


You can only copy the data of the HDD/SSD/USB with the quick copy mode.
With this fast copy mode you need to assure the format does support this mode.

It is no problem to copy unknown formats but the targets HDD/SSD/USB need to be bigger the the source media. This mode copies the complete drive "bit-by-bit".
The function "All Partition Copy" and "Percentage Copy" are two additional copy modes.

Amazing copy speed

The HQ200 Hybrid cloning device is available in two differnent models.
Only difference between the two copiers is the copy speed.


Our model HQ200S model comes with a copy speed of up to 9GB per minute and the highspeed version HQ200H cab copy your HDD or SSDs with up to 18GB per minute.


HDD Eraser Function

You are looking for a HDD/SSD/USB wiping tool ?
This portable hard disc cloner can be used as an eraser.

   wipe-modes-to-wipe-hdd-wipe-ssd-wipe-usb-or-flash-with -secure-erase

We offer multiple erase function to wipe your HDD/SSD or USB devices.
You can use the wiping functions Quick Erase, Full Erase, DoD Erase, DoD Erase Comp,
7 pass erase and Secure Erase with is used for SSD and flash devices.

Various Copy Adapters


As this clonig device has USB and SATA ports you can use a variety of adapters.
You can handle USB-HDD, mSATA, M.2(NGFF) or other formats with adapters.
For the best performance we recommend to use adapters from U-Reach as we can guarantee the best result.

Cross-signal Copy

The portable hard disk cloner Hybrid HQ200 can copy between USB and SATA interface.

Actually the HQ200 Hybrid copier is an USB duplicator and SATA duplicator in one.
Copy between formats with 4 different copy ways.
You can copy from USB to SATA, duplicate data from USB to USB, SATA to SATA or even copy content from SATA device to USB.

Portable hard disk cloner design

The very companct HQ200 duplicator series is very small. It was designed that users can carry it around easily. Engineers or technicians on site can carry it with their other equipment or IT personal can use it very felxible at clients site.


Product Summary

Our hybrid hard disk cloner HQ series is the only portable system with separate USB and SATA ports. It can copy between interfaces and if you use adapters you can copy many different formats.
Choose between the standard speed or highspeed version.

Datasheet for Hybrid HQ200S and HQ200H

Find more information about the portable hard disc cloner HQ200 series here.


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