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Portable CF Card Copier Carry Series CF121

Portable CF Card Copier Carry Series CF121

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Product information CF Card Copier Carry Series

The CF121 is the most compact CF Card Copier in the market.
You can carry it around easily as it is very small.
Just duplicate a master CF card to another target CF card quickly.
With the integrated display and 4 buttons you operate the standalone system without the use of a PC.


The CF card copier will produce a duplicate of your mastet CF card.
Once you added your master card and target card to the unit you just press "Start".
Every data will be copied bit-by-bit to make sure the target is copied perfectly.
With the "Copy&Compare" function you make sure that every bit is copied correctly.

Different copy options


Amazing copy speed

CF copier copy speed

The CF121 CF card copier will copy your CF cards with up to 3.9 GB per minute.
Our standalone cf card duplication systems work with FPGA to reach the fastest possile copy speed.

Erase functions

The CF121 CF card copier comes with erase functions as well. There are 3 different erase modes available. Choose between "Quick Erase","Full Erase" or "DoD Erase".
These erase functions give you the posibility to use the CF121 as a wiping device for CF cards.

Compact Case

This is our most compact CF Card copier.
You can use it as a mobile system in your office to use it at multiple locations.

Product Summary

If you are looking for an affordable solution to copy a small amount of CF cards you can choose this model. It is used in photo studios or for duplicate programs in industrial machinery.

Datasheet for CF Card Copier CF121

You can look at the full specification at the datasheet here.

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