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M.2 (NGFF) to SATA Adapter P1052 (IT-SAS-/IT-Series)

M.2 (NGFF) to SATA Adapter P1052 (IT-SAS-/IT-Series)

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Product Information P1052 NGFF / SATA

The P1052 can be used to adapt M.2 with SATA protocol to the SATA format. 
This way you can duplicate M.2 with a normal SATA copy machine.
Unfortunately there is no way to copy M.2 pcie based with a SATA copier.
In this case you need to purchase a M.2 nvme copier.      


This P1052 NGFF to SATA module can be used in a HDD SATA copier.
We recommend this adapter specifically for the IT and ITS series.

Product Summary

You want to duplicate NGFF in a SATA copy sytem ?
If you own or want to purchase an IT or ITS series from U-Reach, this is the right choice.
The IT units are perfect to use this adapter if you want to copy NGFF.


The P1052 modules are recommended for the IT and ITS series.

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