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eUSB to USB Adapter 2.0mm TB1537-2 (USB Duplicators)

eUSB to USB Adapter 2.0mm TB1537-2 (USB Duplicators)

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Product Information TB1537-2 eUSB

This Adapter can be used in our USB duplicators to copy eUSB devices.
Plug the adapter into our USB duplicator and connect your eUSB and you are all set.


The TB1537-2eUSB Adapter is a board that can be plugged into our usb copy machines. It can hold eUSB tp proceed the copy process.

Product Summary

This adapter is an eUSB 2.0mm adapter. It will fit for eUSB with 2.0mm dimension.


You can use this adapter with our USB replication machinery. Just plug the eUSB into the adapter board and push it into our USB copy machines.


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