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IDE to SATA Adapter TB1529

IDE to SATA Adapter TB1529

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Product Information TB1529 IDE to SATA

The TB1529 IDE to SATA dual interface adapter will help you to copy or erase IDE harddisks with our SATA duplicators.
You connect the yellow Adapter to the SATA power and data cable on one side and the IDE cable and 4pin power on the other side.


The IDE dapter will work with most of our SATA duplicators.
A male SATA interface will transfer to 40 pin female IDE HDD port.
The powercable is a 4-pin model (DC 5v).

Product Summary

You want to erase IDE drives or even copy them ?
Choose this IDE to SATA adapter and a SATA copy station and it will do the job.


The TB1529 will work with almost all of our cable-based SATA duplicators.
It is not compatible to our Ultraspeed series as the controller cannot handle the old and slow IDE technology. The Ultraspeed series is just to fast.


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