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eSata Cable U1202 (MT-Series)

eSata Cable U1202 (MT-Series)

Normaalihinta €25,00
Normaalihinta Myyntihinta €25,00
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Product Information U1202 eSATA Set

This adapter cable set can help to connect eSATA devices to a SATA duplicator.
So if you want to copy external cases with a duplicator you can choose any of our SATA copy machines and connect the eSATA device with this eSATA to SATA cable adapter set.


The eSATA adapter cable set has an eSATA connector on one side and SATA on the other.
Additionally you get a power connector cable to supply power to your external device.

Product Summary

Easy to handle eSATA to SATA Adapter cable set. Just plug in your device, connect the power supply and you are ready to copy your eSATE devices.


The eSATA cable adapter will work with any SATA duplicator. Just assure the power is provided from the original product so the data can be transfered with this data connector cable.

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