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Epson Disc Producer PP100NII

Epson Disc Producer PP100NII

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Normaalihinta Myyntihinta €4.518,00
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Product Information Epson Disc Producer PP100NII

Epson Discproducer Network is a quick, easy and cost-effective solution for your disc publishing requirements.
Produce CDs, DVDs or Blu-rays with the best disc copier in the market.
Just send your job file to the publisher and grab your finalized discs shortly.



The EPSON PP100NII Disc Producer comes with the features of PP100III and more.
It does not only have 6 color single ink printer and 2 CD-/DVD-/BD-drives but offers additional unique features.

As well as high quality publishing functions, the Network also offers multi-user shared access via Ethernet. The LCD display shows publisher status and error messages.
An embedded processor speeds up publishing jobs and a hard drive can store publishing jobs.

Outstanding Quality

This Discproducer provides clear, vivid, and precise prints that are immune to smudging and water damage, due to Epson's modern print tech and ink.


Clients have the ability to produce over a thousand prints per set of ink cartridges.
In addition, the PP-100NII utilizes a different cartridge for each color.
With the additional Light Cyan and Light Magenta you can create the brightest colors and the widest color spectrum.


Optical discs are a dependable platform for long-term storage.
They can withstand magnetic fields, water, moisture, and dust, providing peace of mind that the data is secure.
It is also future-proof, as even the most recent drives are still able to read the first CDs.

Network Function and internal HDD

The system can easily be integrated in your network via LAN connection in the back.
Just connect the sytem and you are ready to produce Discs in the network.
The internal HDD can store up to 120 jobs in line.
Many DICOM patient CD solutions use the PP100NII to integrate it into the hospital network.

Compact Design of PP100NII

The PP100NII has the same footprint and size as all other Disc Producers from EPSON.
You can easily stack different models on each other to safe space.

Product Summary

Are you looking for the best disc duplicator to integrate into your network ?
You just found it ! The epson disc publishers will meet your demand with an awesome printing result and the best installed disc writers that are available in the market.

Datasheet Epson PP100NII

Check out more information on the EPSON Disc Producer PP100NII here.


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