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Epson Disc Producer PP100AP

Epson Disc Producer PP100AP

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Product Information Epson Disc Producer PP100AP

Are you looking for the best inkjet disc printer in the market ?
You did a great job - you found it !

The EPSON AP100 disc producer automatic inkjet printer is the best disc printer available.
With a capacity of 100 discs and a 6 color single ink printing system you can automatically print up to 100 discs.
If you want to buy a disc printer you will not regret to choose
the EPSON Disc Producer AP100.



EPSON AP100 Disc Printer

The AP100 disc printer comes with everything you need to start your disc printing.
In the box you will find the driver and utilities CD and a set of cartridges.

The main unit comes with a power cable, a setup guide, an USB cable and the user manual. As long you have some inkjet printable discs you can start right away.

6 Color Single Ink


EPSON works with its patented micro piezo print technology.
It is the most reliable and durable printing method for color inkjet prints.

As the system comes with 6 colors such as Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, black and additional Light Cyan and Light Magenta it can print much more colors than a 4 color system.
With the additional Light Cyan and Light Magenta the disc printer offers the best printing result in the market.
Everbody in the disc printing market knows that the EPSON disc producer AP100 prints the best color results.

Easy-to-change Maintenance Box


Once the Maintenance cartridge of the AP100 Disc Printer is full you can easily change it by yourself.
Just pull out the old one and change it to a new maintenance box and reset the unit.
You are ready to continue printing.

AcuGrip robotic

EPSON´s AcuGrip Technology was designed for a lifespan of 100.000 printed discs.
The unit was developed to match the needs of professional disc producers.
A robotic loader with smart picker that even separates discs from each other is unique.

Multiple units per PC

For a high volume disc printing demand you can connect multiple EPSON AP100 units to one computer. There is no need of using multiple PCs for additional AP100 disc printers.


Highspeed Printing

With the EPSON disc producer AP100 disc printer you can print up to 95 disc per hour fully automatic.
Load your inkjet printable discs and design your print label with the software which is included.
Once you choose the number of discs you want to print the system is all set.
The Epson AP100 has a disc capacity of 100 discs.
This Disc Producer AP100 has 2 Inputbins each with 50 disc capacity.

Tray to pick CD

If you want to grab the Disc directly after printing you can use the tray on the front.
This way the printing job is not interrupted while taking our the CD,DVD or BD.


Product Summary

The EPSON PP100AP is the best printer for CDs,DVDs and BDs in the market.
With the piezo print technology it can print the best print result with the biggest color range. As it has 6 single Inks you never waste any ink and you only change the empty color.

Datasheet Epson PP100AP disc producer autoprinter

For more information about the PP100AP disc printer check out the datasheet here.


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