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Drive Cloner MT-C Series

Drive Cloner MT-C Series

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Product Information MT-C Series

The hard drive cloning system MTC1600 is a special unit in our MT series.
It is the only copy system for SATA ana SSD that can link multiple units.
With our "Daisy-Chain" Technology you can link MTC1600 unit together and control all systems from the master HDD/SSD copy machine.


Different copy modes


The hard drive duplicator and eraser MTC1600 can copy your harddrives or SSD in different modes. It depends on your data structure which copy mode you can use.
If you are using the duplicator with known formats you can use a quick copy mode.
We call this copy mode "System & Files".
This mode will copy your harddrives or SSD fast as only the data will be copied.

With the additional "Whole HDD Copy" mode you can replicate your hard disks
So if you are working with unknown formats you still will be able to duplicate your disks.
You just need to know that it will take more time and your targets need to have at least the size of your master.

Amazing copy speed


This drive cloner hardware system offers you a performance of up to 18GB per minute.
As the Daisy Chain function will use some of the bandwith for the external connection,
the speed will decrease to max. 15GB per minute if you connect multiple MTC1600.

Erase functions


This hard drive cloner can do more the copy your master hdd to multiple targets !
You can use the system to erase data from all kind of media.
As you can choose between 4 different erase functions, there is the right solution for every demand.

Just choose from "Quick Erase", "Full Erase", "DoD Erase" and "Secure Erase" and delete all your data quick and easy.
The master port is a "Read-Only"-port so you can never erase your master by mistake.

Monitoring Tool

The monitoring tool offer the opportunity to follow your duplication processes on the monitor of your PC. Just follow the progress on you monitor and check the harddisks performance.

Open Platform Design

  hdd-drive-duplicator-can-handle-SSD-or-HDD-2,5"-3,5"   ssd-copy-machine-for-2,5-inch-hdd-and-2,5-inch-ssd

The complete MT duplicator series is designed for a wide range of formats.
We chose the cable-connect solution with open rack to offer enough space for all kind of disk formats and even external cases.

With the cable-based platform you can just connect adapters or your SATA harddisks and put the device into the rack.

Log Report

The MTC1600 cloner comes with a log report function.
This means that each duplicated or erased HDD has 1 log. This log is saved in the duplicator and can be exported to your computer or via USB thumbdrive.

You can safe the log report of your HDD production in your system or you can send the file to your clients. Optionally you print out the HDD/SSD replication process and add it to the the produced media.

Daisy Chain Technology


This hard drive copier is the only model that can connect multiple systems.
You connect them with our "Daisy-Chain" Technology and handle all systems from the master unit.
You do not need multiple master HDDs to produce a lot targets at the same time.
As the external connection will use some bandwith the systems can reach up to 15GB per minute copy speed.

Product Summary

The hard drive cloner MTC1600 is a unique drive duplicator as it comes with our special features "Daisy-Chain". With this function you can connect multiple hard drive duplicators to each other. You define your master and your slave systems and handle all ports from the master hdd copy system.

Only the MTC1600 HDD/SSD cloner is capable of this unique connection function.
Please note that the copy speed bandwith will be a little slower. Some of the controllers bandwith is used for the external connection to more units.
You can plan with a copy speed of up to 15GB per minute on each port.

Datasheet for MTC1600

Please check out the datasheet fot this drive cloner here.


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