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Disk Destroyer HDT1

Disk Destroyer HDT1

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Normaalihinta Myyntihinta €1.499,00
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Product Information Destroyer HDT1

The HDT1 hard disk destroyer can punch holes into your harddrives
with 4 tons of pressure force.
Just put your HDD unter the hardened toolsteel pin and punch a hole into the disk.
You use the system by just pulling the handle.
Our hard disk destroyer is a perfect product to be combined with an eraser or degausser.


Pressure Force 4 Tons

As the HDT1 hard drive destroyer has an internal hardware mechanism you can create up to 4 tons pressure force by just pulling the handle.
You do not need to be a very strong person to pull the handle.
The special mechanism inside makes it easy to use.

Safety first

The hard disk punch device comes with protection goggles and a clamp.
We recommed to install the harddrive destroyer on a fixed table with screws.
There are holes in the system to mount the HDT1 with screws on a table.
Additionally you can use the clamp to fix the unit on almost every table.

(New version comes in black color)

Made in Germany

The HDT1 hard drive crusher is "Made in Germany". It is the only hard disk crusher that comes at a very high quality and offers the best pins to destroy your media.
The pins need to have a perfect shape and need to be hardened in a special procedure.

Product Summary

The HDT1 is a simple solution to destroy harddrives, Smartphones or other electronical media which has data content. With a pressure force up to 4 tons you can destroy mechanical harddrives in a safe way.


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