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Disk Cloner Super1 Series

Disk Cloner Super1 Series

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Product Information Super1 Series

The U-Reach Super1 disc cloner ist the most economical way to duplicate 3,5" SATA and 2,5" SATA HDDs or SSDs.
Just plug you master and target devices into the system and press the "OK" button.
The system will copy your data bit-by-bit with a speed of up to 9GB per minute onto your targets.

If you want to copy 2,5" SATA format you need to use an adapter.
The Super1 drive cloner series is available with 1,3,5,7,11 or 16 targets.


Different copy modes


The S1 drive cloner can work in different copy modes. You can choose the right copy mode for your needs. All modes copy "bit-by-bit" so you can be sure the target is an exact copy of your master.

There is a quick copy mode if you only want to copy the data on the HDD.
Using known formats for this function is obligatory.

Amazing copy speed


The S1 series can reach a copy speed of up to 9GB per minute in each port.
As long as the media is not the bottleneck of the production,
all ports can reach that speed. 
There is no speed decrease with plugging all targets at the same time.

Erase functions


Different Erase modes can be used with this system. You can choose between
"Quick Erase", "Full Erase", "DoD Erase" or "Secure Erase" functions.
Just plug your targets and get rid off all the data on the hard drives.

Optional Adapter for 2,5" SATA

You need to use optional 2,5" to 3,5" SATA adapter if you want to copy the 2,5" format. They are very easy to use by just sliding the adapter into the 3,5" frame.
(picture of adapter might be different to latest model)


Bad Sector Skipping

If you need to copy hard drives with defective sectors you still can copy the harddisks.
Just define the number of accepted bad sektors and the system will skip faulty areas.


Product Summary

The S1 disc cloner series is the most economical way to copy harddrives or SSDs.
As long as the media can be handled from 3,5" SATA formfactor or 2,5" SATA with adapter you are welcome to use the S1 copier.
If you need a more advance system for more formats or faster performance you have to check out our IT series or MT series.

Datasheet for Super1 series

For further information regarding the SuperOne Series check out our datasheet here.


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