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Disc duplicator uPRO Series

Disc duplicator uPRO Series

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Product Information uPro Series

The uPRO disc duplicator was developed with a great additional feature.
We build additional two USB ports into the Controller.
Now you can use the disc cloner to copy USB devices !
Copy from Disc to USB, Disc to Disc, USB to USB or USB to Disc.


Standalone disc duplicator

Our uPRO disc copy tower is the advanced series of the BD18 series.
You can use the system as a normal disc copy machine or use the USB port functions.
The system works fully standalone so there is no need of a PC or any software.
Just plug the standalone disc copy tower to the power and start your disc production.

DDR2 Buffer Memory

We mount DDR2 memory into our copy controllers.
DDR2 memory is 4 times faster than SD-RAM.
This is why we offer the fastest disc copy controllers in the market.

4 Copy Functions

Disc to USB mode:
USB to Disc mode:
USB to USB mode:
Disc to Disc mode:

With the 2 additional USB ports the uPRO disc duplicator offers 4 different copy modes.
You can copy from disc to disc, USB to USB, disc to USB or even USB to disc.

High-Quality Power Supply

The performance and stability of a disc duplicator is mainly influenced by the power supply. We guarantee to use very good power supplies in all our disc copy machines.
This way we assure to provide the best disc duplicators in the market.

Backup solution

The uPRO disc copier can be used as a backup solution.
Store multiple discs on an USB-HDD.
With the Multisession function you can store multiple discus on an USB-HDD.
This is an easy way to backup your disc collection to a flash media device.

Different Flash Media

Use a flash card reader to store multiple flash devices.
You can backup SD, SDHC, CF-cards or microSD cards to an USB HDD device.
Supports multisession of USB/Flash to Disc and USB/ Flash Append copy.

Disc Compatility

The standard uPRO disc duplicator is equipped with CD-/DVD-writers.
Optionally you can order the uPRO series with Blu-ray drives.
Blu-ray drives can copy CD, DVD or BD media.

Product Summary about the uPRO

The uPRO can work as a normal disc duplicator or can be used as a usb copier.
You can copy between USB and disc format.
Disc duplicator towers are the easiest way to multiply your disc media.

We can offer you disc printers, publishers, autoloaders and even dicom patient disc solutions.
Contact us with your demand !

Datasheet of uPRO disc duplicator

For additional information on the uPro Series you can check out our datasheet here.


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