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CRU Copier CRU Rack Series

CRU Copier CRU Rack Series

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Product Information CRU Rack Series

The CRU Copier Rack is a disk cloner for the digital cinema industry.
You can clone from one master to 4 targets or extend the system to multiple target racks. We offer the master unit KV500-H and the slave units KV600-H.
You always need the KV500-H master unit to run your CRU drive cloner properly.
These CRU drive cloners work with the CRU-INC carriers DX115 only !


Copy Modes


The DX115 CRU copiers can duplicate the master drives data in 2 different ways.
If you are working with Win, Linux or Mac these are known formats and you can copy the data with the quick copy mode "System & Files". In this mode you only copy the data on the master CRU HDD to the targets.

Even unknown formats can be copied with the CRU copiers.
You need to make sure that the targets capacity is big enough as the full CRU harddrive is copied "bit-by-bit" to the targets.

Amazing copy speed


We adopted a multitasking technology to increase the copy speed.
The CRU 19" rackmount duplicator can copy with up to 18GB per minute on each target.
It works with the DX115 DC CRU carriers which are the defined standard for cinema servers.
All CRU HDDs simultaneously will copy with highspeed.
The system will not get any slower by connecting multiple targets.
Our FPFA technology will always provide a high copy speed.

Erase functions


The system supports multiple erase modes like Quick Erase, Full Erase,
DoD Erase (DoD5220.M E) or Secure Erase (NIST 800-88).

Plug your DX115 carrier targets into the system and launch the erase function that fits to your individual project. Your CRU harddisks will be erase automatically.

Multiple Format Support

All OS are supported so you can duplicate Windows, Linux, Max RAID or other systems.
The cru duplicator supports advanced formats like MBR, GPT, advanced format.
You can use any HDD that is allowed to fit into the CRU DX115 DC frame.

Daisy Chain Connection


With our Daisy-Chain connection we can connect multiple KV600H CRU duplicators to one KV500H master unit.
The master unit come with a display and 4 buttons to operate the full CRU copy system.
Once you connect multiple target units you will controll the full system with the KV500H.

19" Rack Design


To match the demand of the market we realized the 19" rack form factor.
Each unit comes within the 4U height specification.
Just choose the right quantity of master and slave units and adjust the setup for your demand. Copy your CRU DX115 drives fast and effortless. It was never easier to do so !

Event Log Report

The log report records the operation times, each port´s process details including the capacity, serialnumber and model of the used hdd.
Furthermore it will record the result of the process and what function was executed.

Product Summary

Digital cinema servers can work with different media.
One of the standards is the CRU DX115 format.
This carrier can be used directly in our CRU copy systems.
If you want to copy USB3.1 harddisks you can check out our other 3.1 USB duplicators.

Datasheet for CRU copier

Check out the datasheet for our KV series to duplicate CRU HDDs by clicking here.


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