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Cfast card cloner i9 Gold Series

Cfast card cloner i9 Gold Series

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Product Information CFast i9 Gold Series

The i9 series Gold is our most featured Cfast card cloner.
Additionally to the functions of the SuperB copy tower and the i9 silver series,
we added three unique features.
Check out our Log report, Double Source comparison, and Burn-in proof functions on the finest CF card duplicator available.


The intelligent 9 CF Card cloner gold is our most sophisticated cloning device.
As a result, it has the same performance as the i9 silver series in addition to the three additional functions.
It is the most professional CF card cloning device in the market for this reason.

Different copy modes


There are two modes available. "System and files" is a quick copy mode, and "Whole media" is a copy mode that works with all kinds of media.
"System and files" can be used to copy various operating systems (FAT16/32/64/NTFS on Windows, ext2/ext3/ext4 on Linux, and HFS/HFS+/HFSX on Mac OS).

If your operating system doesn't recognise your format, "Whole media" mode will be activated. Even though it will take longer, you will still be able to copy some additional formats by using "Whole media" mode. This mode copies the entire memory bits.
To ensure that the destination will have the same amount of memory as the master, make sure it has enough memory.

Amazing copy speed


The cfast card cloner will always be faster than a pc based copy system.
With out FPGA copy technolgy each port works independable at highspeed.
No speedloss will appear whily adding multiple targets.

Erase functions

Our duplicators allways offer different erase functions as well.
Some of our clients use the system only as data sanitizing equipment.

We offer 3 standard erase modes with our CFast cloning devices.
You can choose between "Quick Erase", "Full Erase" & "DoD Erase".

Monitoring tool

Our monitoring tool offers you information about the copy progress on the monitor of your PC. You just connect the copy system via USB cable to your computer and install a small software. This way you have nice overview about the copy progress.

Monitoring tool CFast copier silver

Quick Sockets

The Quick sockets are one of the great features of the i9 series.
If you need to change a socket after it reached its lifetime,
you can do that easily by yourself.
Do not waste time and money by sending the unit to a repair center.
Just replace the socket by yourself and you are ready to go!
Changeable quick sockets CF cloning device

Ergonomical Design

With the i9 series duplicators we designed a new form factor for the case.
This way the user can plug and pull CFast cards very easy.
The system is more compact now to safe space.

Compact design duplcaition equipment Cfast cards

LOG Report

The LOG report function is the perfect tool for a professional CFast production line.
You can create and store the LOGs in your databank to analyze them later if needed. Due to the search function you are able to search for serialnumbers later.
Additionally you can print them out and add the production protocol to your duplicated media.

log function for cf replicator

Double Source Comparison

Double Master check cfast cards

Burn-in Proof

With the Gold series duplication equipment you are capable of erase and test media as well.
The Burn-in Proof is a testing process that can be individually defined.
You can create your own testing environment by defining the testing period
(30Min up to 30 days) and how many errors are accepted.
The media that does not match your requirement will be kicked out.

Product Summary

This is the most advanced CFast card cloner in the market.
If you want to copy CFast cards effortless you can use the Cfast i9 series.
It comes with a lot of great additional features to optimize your production line.
Clone the CFast cards and test the media or print out a Log report for your QC process. All this is possible now with the i9 Gold cfast card cloner.

Datasheet CFast card cloner i9 Gold

Check out the datasheet for the i9 Cfast Cloner Gold series by clicking here.


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