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CF Card Duplicator i9 Gold Series

CF Card Duplicator i9 Gold Series

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Product Information CF Card Duplicator i9 Gold Series

The CF card duplicator i9 series Gold is our CF card copier with all available features included.
Besides the functions of the SuperB copy tower and i9 silver series we added 3 additional features.
Check out the Log report, Double Source comparsion, Burn-in proof functions with the best CF card duplicator in the market.
The intelligent 9 CF Card Duplicator gold !


The system has the same features as the i9 silver series and the 3 additional features.
For this reason it is the most professional cf cloning device in the market.

Quick Socket Technology

The connector pins of the CF card sockets are very thin and fragile.
For this reason espacially for the CF card solutions using the quick sockets is very smart.
Once a socket brakes down or is worn out you can easily change the socket by yourself.
There is no need to send the unit to our service center.
Just change the socket quick and easy !
CF card duplicator socket change

Ergonomic case

The case of this unit was especially designed to create an ergonomic system with a small footprint. This assures are great user experience and a comfortable way to handle the CF card duplicator.
CF copier ergonomic case

Monitoring Tool

Follow the copy process on the monitor of the PC. The monitoring tool visualizes the copy process for you. You can check the status of your flash production in real-time.

Monitoring tool for duplicator

Copy Modes

There are 2 different copy modes available. The "System&Files" mode is called Quick Copy funtion and the "Whole Media" mode can copy all kind of formats.

You can use the "Sytem&Files" mode with know formats such as
Windows (FAT16/32/64/NTFS), Linux (ext2/ext3/ext4) and MAC (HFS/HFS+/HFSX).
If your format is different the sytem will switch to "Whole Media" mode.

The "Whole Media" mode will copy the complete card bit-by-bit.
This will take longer but still give you the option to copy unknown formats.
You need to make sure the targets has at least the same size as the master.

CF card copy system copy solution

Copy Speed

The copy speed will never decrease, no matter if you copy on 1 or 39 targets.
Our FPGA based duplicators are the best technology for duplication.
No computer-based duplicator will ever reach our preformance.

CF card copier i9 gold copy speed

Test functions & H3,H5,H6 Test

Our CF card duplicators are always erasers as well.
But besides the sanitization features you can use the system as test equipment.
The system offers the functions "Capacity check", "Read/Write Speed check", "H3 Read Only test","H5 Write/Read Test" and "H6 Quality Test".

CF card testing machine

LOG Report Function

You can connect the i9 gold CF card duplicator via USB cable to your computer.
The Logs are safed on the duplicator automatically.
Once you need the Log you can export it to your computer and save it in your databank. Alternatively you can print it out and add it to your production batch.

Log report CF copy sytem

Double Source Comparison

If you produce a lot of copies of the same master CF card, you might get the problem of loosing some bits. Your master CF card will get worn out step by step after reading all the time. With the Double Source Comparison you are using 2 master cards.
This way you can copy the data from source 1 and compare with source 2.

Double Soruce feature with i9 CF copier

Burn-in Proof Test

The Burn-in Test is one of the unique functions that only come with the gold series.
It is mainly used to analyze Flash Media Quality. The Test parameters are pre-defined by the user individually.
You can check the devices 30 minutes up to 30 days by reading and writing the CF cards.
Once you reach a defined failure rate the system will kick out the cards. 

Product Summary

If you are looking for the best CF Card Duplicator in the market you just found it.
The Gold series comes with all features that are available in the market.
This professional system offers a LOG report, Double Source Comparison and Burn-in Proof function as additional features.
Combined with the Quick Socket Technology and the monitoring tool makes the unit one of kind.

Datasheet CF i9 Gold

If you need any further information about the i9 Gold Series you can take a look at our datasheet here.

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