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CF Card Copy Tower SuperB Series

CF Card Copy Tower SuperB Series

Normaalihinta €938,00
Normaalihinta Myyntihinta €938,00
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Product Information CF Tower SuperB

The CF-Card copy tower SuperB series will copy your CF cards in a blink.
After you plug your master card and your targets you just click the start button.
Everything else will be done by the cf card copier automatically.

Once the copy process is finished you get all needed information on the display.
Additional LEDs on each port will inform you about the copy result.
Safe your time and copy your CF-cards easy with the CF-card copy tower from U-Reach.


Check out the features of the SuperB tower series.
The mass production for your cf cards was never so fast and easy.

Copy Modes

copy CF to CF card copymode

You can choose between two copy modes.
The different modes are calles "system&files" or "Whole media".

The advantage of using the quick copy mode "System&Files" is that you only copy the data on your cards. This function can be used with know formats such as Windows (FAT16/31/64/NTFS), Linux(ext2/ext3/ext4) and MAC (HFS/HFS+/HFSX).

If you want to copy unkown formats with this CF card copy tower this is still possible.
In this case you need to copy the full cf card "bit-by-bit".
This will take longer but you are still able to handle these special formats.
You need to make sure that the target is minimum the size of the master.



With a copy speed of up to 3.9GB per minute we provide the fastest solution in the duplication market. The speed does not decrease if you plug multiple targets.
No matter if you are using a system with 7, 15 or even 95 targets,
our CF SuperB copy tower will provide a stable copy speed.
In many situations the copy speed in the production is limited by the media.

Erasing functions

This system is not only an duplicator but CF card eraser at the same time.
You can erase your CF cards with different functions like "Quick erase", "Full erase" or
"DoD erase".
Do not worry, you cannot erase your master port by failure.
Our master port is always a "Read-Only" port.
This way we assure nobody erases data by mistake.

Product Summary

You are looking for the most affordable CF card copy tower ? You found it !
If you want to "copy" or "copy&compare" CF cards quick and easy you can do this with SuperB CF copy tower.
But if you need more advanced features like a Log report, mointoring tool, double source comparison and others, please check out our i9 silver and golden series.

Datasheet CF SuperB Copy tower

If you need any further Information you can check out the product datasheet here.

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