UReach PRO198 SSD Duplicator

How to Clone Hard Drive with a Duplicator? Three Steps to Get Started Easily

Hard drive duplicators, as the name suggests, are dedicated devices for clone hard drives. They come in two primary architectures: PC architecture and FPGA embedded architecture. While the PC architecture offers flexibility in adding functions, it comes with potential drawbacks such as susceptibility to data corruption, performance slowdowns, and alterations in file locations.

On the other hand, FPGA architecture, as employed by U-Reach, boasts exceptional speed, enabling simultaneous data transfer to multiple devices without the risk of data corruption. The FPGA-based operation ensures a streamlined and rapid process to clone hard drives.

UReach PRO198 SSD cloner

The U-Reach HDD duplicator is built on an FPGA system, ensuring high-speed and precise bit-by-bit copying. This guarantees that the content on both the source and target drives remains identical post-duplication. This device is particularly well-suited for tasks like system replication, data backup, and duplication of educational materials.

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U-Reach PRO198 Hard Drive Duplicator: Clone Hard Drive with Simple 3 Steps

  1. Power on the U-Reach PRO198 by pressing the dedicated button; the device completes its boot-up in just 3 seconds.

    UReach PRO198 hard drive cloner
  2. Connect the hard drive directly and press OK to start copy—no need for a SATA adapter as required with computers.

    UReach PRO198 SSD Copier
  3. Throughout the cloning process, you can monitor key details like the total data size on the hard drives, copying duration, and the copied data's size.

    UReach PRO198 Hard Disk Cloner
    PRO198 Duplicator Copy Pass

Upon completion, the LCD display provides a clear overview of the cloning results and the time taken. Remarkably, the U-Reach PRO198 SSD Duplicator efficiently cloned almost 30GB of data in just 1 minute, achieving a copying speed of approximately 30GB per minute. This pace is nearly ten times faster than what a typical computer would require to copy the same amount of data.


Q: How Does a Duplicator Work for Cloning Hard Drives?

A:  Hard Drive Duplicator is a device that can clone hard drives without the need for a computer. It copies data sector by sector from the source drive to the target drive, ensuring an identical copy.

Q: What Are the Benefits of Using a Duplicator for Cloning?

A:  Duplicators offer a fast and efficient way to clone multiple hard drives simultaneously, saving time and effort compared to using software-based cloning methods or hard disk docking station.

Q: Can I Clone Different Types of Hard Drives with a Duplicator?

A:  Yes, duplicators often support various types of hard drives, including HDDs and SSDs. PRO198 is a SATA Hard Drive Duplicator. If you are looking for SAS or NVMe Duplicator, please refer to SAS and M.2 PCIe series.  

Q: Do I Need Technical Expertise to Use a Duplicator for Cloning?

A:  No, duplicators are designed to be user-friendly. Basic knowledge of hard drives and the cloning process can be helpful, but extensive technical expertise is not required.

Q: Can I Clone Larger Drives to Smaller Drives Using a Duplicator?

A:  Generally, duplicators require the target drive to be equal to or larger than the source drive due to the sector-by-sector copying process.

Q: Is Data on the Target Drive Deleted During Cloning?

A:  Yes, the data on the target drive will be overwritten during the cloning process. Make sure to back up any important data before proceeding.

Q: Is Data on the Source Drive Deleted During Cloning?

A:  No, with the Read-Only Source Port design, U-Reach duplicator only read source drive during the cloning process. Making sure the source drive won't be changed even a byte.

Q: Where Can I Find Reliable Duplicator Equipment for Hard Drive Cloning?

A:  U-Reach is a well-known brand of various data duplicators and related equipment for hard drive cloning. Their products offer a range of features to cater to different needs.

For individuals seeking rapid, precise, and efficient data duplication, we strongly recommend considering the U-Reach professional hard drive duplicator.

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