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CFast to CF Adapter P1055 (CF Duplicators)

CFast to CF Adapter P1055 (CF Duplicators)

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Product Information P1055 CFast to CF

This Adapter will help you to copy CFast cards with your CF copy system.
Just plug in the adapter and push the CFast card into the adapter.
There is no need on wasting money on an additioanl CFast duplicator.
Just adapt from CF to CFast format and you are ready to copy cour CFast cards.


CFast adaptor that fits into CF card slots will offer you the opportunity to use your existing CF duplicator for CFast cards.

Product Summary

This Cfast to CF adapter offers you the possibility to duplicate your CFast cards with a CF duplicator.


The swappable Adapter can be used in any CF copier in the market.
Just plug into the CF port and plug in your CFast cards.



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