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USB Cloner USB2.0 i9 Silver Series

USB Cloner USB2.0 i9 Silver Series

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Product information USB Cloner i9 Silver Series

Our USB cloner i9 silver series is one of the best USB copy systems in the market.
It comes with all the features you need to have a great reliable system on hand.
Check out the "Quick Socket Technology" to minimize service costs or the monitoring tool to visualize the production process on the monitor of your PC.


They USB cloner i9 silver offers different copy modes, erase functions & media test possibilties. All the functions will work at highspeed data transfer of up to 2GB/min.

Different copy modes


Choose between the quick copy mode "System&Files" or "Whole Media" copy.
If you are working with files like WIN, Linux or Mac you normally can use the quick copy mode. This means you only copy the data and not the empty sectors.
You still can copy unknown formats with with the "Whole Media" mode.

Amazing copy speed


No matter how many targets you will plug into a U-Reach USB duplicator, the speed will always be stable. With our FPGA Technology we make sure that the media always will be copied as fast as possible.

Erase functions

You can use the duplicator to erase usb thumbdrives too.
The system provides 3 different copy modes.
So just plug the USB keys into the target ports and choose "Quick Erase", "Full Erase" or "DoD Erase". All sticks will be erased pretty quick.

Monitoring Tool


Our monitoring tool offer you the possibility to follow your production on the screen of your computer. Just connect the duplication system to the PC and watch the copy progress. This can help to find bad media while copying or to get ready for the next batch.

Quick Socket Technology



With our i9 series we lauched our Quick Socket Technology. From now on you do not need to send your unit in for repair and wait for an external RMA progress.
If a socket is worn out after heavy usage you can change the sockets just by yourself.
Safe time an money with our Quick Sockets.

Ergonomical Design

Especially for high-volume production line it is important to have an ergonomical design of the duplicator. With out new formfactor we safe space and created a nice design to work in comfortable way.

Additional power supplies

The i9 series models are capable of copying mutliple USB-HDDs at the same time.
As the duplication of USB-HDDs will need more power we offer additional power supplies.
This way we can guarantee the ports do provide enought power to the Harddrives at any time.

Copy USB-HDD duplicates

Test functions

You can use the USB thumbdrive duplicator to test your USB sticks.
No matter if you just want to check the capacity or speed of your sticks or you want to use the H3, H5, H6 Test functions. These units are providing great testing features.


Check out the full datasheet of the USB cloner i9 silver and click here

Product Summary

With our experience of over 30 years in the duplication industry, we took all our know-how from our disc, flash& HDD duplication history and put it into the i9 series.
We are sure this product will help you to safe much time in your production. So if you want to buy one of the best usb duplicators in the market you found the right store !
If you are looking for additional features like a Log report, USB write protection, Double Source comparison, please check out our gold series.


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