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USB Copy Tower SuperB Series

USB Copy Tower SuperB Series

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Product Information USB SuperB Series

The USB copy tower series SuperB is one of the most efficient and economical USB duplicators.
It is easy to use and will copy your USB sticks very fast.
The standalone USB stick duplicator is controlled with 4 buttons and LCD display.

It was never easier to copy USB sticks. Plug you master and target USB sticks and copy your data almost in a blink. If you are looking for a USB copy tower to duplicate your USB thumbdrives at a reasonable price, you just found the right USB copy solution.


Different Copy modes

The U-Reach SuperB copy towers duplicate your data "bit-by-bit".
This way we can assure the you will create exact duplicates of you master USB stick.

As the system should copy as effective as possible we offer 2 different copy modes.
If the format supports a quick copy mode you choose "System&Files" mode.
But if the data has an unknown format you will copy the whole thumbdrive with the "Whole Media" mode.
This way we can guarantee there is always an effective mode to copy you data.

"System& Files" mode supports Windows "FAT16/32/64/NTFS",
LINUX (ext2/3/4) & MAC (HFS/HFS+/HFSX).
Whole Media mode supports all other and unknown formats.

Impressive Speed

The SuperB USB copy tower can copy your USB drives with up to 2GB per minute.
Mostly the bottleneck of an USB production is the writing speed of the USB thumbdrives.

For sure this copy system has a stable speed on every port. No matter how many targets you plug in the system. The copy system will provide a stable speed on each port.

USB duplicator copyspeed

Different Erase modes

All our duplicators provide erase functions as well.
Some of our clients use the systems to erase data only.
With different erase modes you can sanitize your USB drives easy and safe.
Choose between Quick Erase, Full Erase and DoD erase in the SuperB series.


Diagnostic modes

We provide different diagnostic features in our USB copy tower.
You can choose between 3 different diagnostic features.
H3 Test: Only reads to verify the maximum capacity quality (Data is 100% safe)
H5 Test: Overwrites and then reads to verify capacity quality (Data is destroyed)
H6 Test: Same as H5 test but only in empty sectors (Data is 100% safe)


To check out all the specification of the USB Copy tower SuperB please check out the datasheet here. Summary

The SuperB tower USB duplicator is a professional duplication system that will safe you time and money. You can easily produce USB sticks without much efforts.
If you need a system to duplicate USB 3.0 sticks and want to gather the full speed you should consider one of our USB3.0 duplicators.
For systems with more features like changable quicksockets, monitoring tool or even a LOG report with write protection please check our other products.


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