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USB Duplicator USB3.0 High Speed iU3 Silver Series

USB Duplicator USB3.0 High Speed iU3 Silver Series

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Product Information USB Duplicator iU3 Silver Series


Copy Functions

The USB Duplicator comes with 2 different copy modes.
You can choose between "System&Files" which is a quick copy mode for known formats or the "Whole Media" function which can be used to copy unknown formats.

You need to make sure that with the "Whole Media" copy mode
that the targets capacity is always bigger than the master device.
The quick copy mode works with most Linux, Win or Mac formats.

Erase Modes

We offer 4 different erase modes with our U3 USB Duplicator.
Just plug in the targets you want to erase and choose which erase method you want to use. You can choose between "Quick Erase", "Full Erase", "DoD Erase" or "NSA Eraser".

Copy Speed


The USB Duplicator is the fastest USB cloner in the world.
We are the first manufacturer that launched Nvme and USB 3.0 duplicators.
In most production lines the speed limit comes from the used media or the copy environment. So there is many factors that will influence the final copy speed.

Signal Detection


The USB duplicator will recognize the used media signal and adjust its internal settings.
Our hardware optimizes its copy function that fits best to the used media.
We always handle each flash media a an own technology to have the best copy, test and erase results in the market.

Quick Socket Technology


The best usb duplicators are not just the fastest or the once with the most features.
Furthermore we try to supply smart solutions that safe our clients time an money.

With our Quick-Socket-Technology we minimize the costs and time of service.
Once a socket is worn out you can just change it by yourself.
No time intense RMA procedures or high repair costs.
Just pull the defective sockets and change them to new once - ready to duplicate !

Optional Cooling Rack


We offer optional cooling racks to cool down your USB-HDD.
Once you copy a lot of data at high-speed your media might get very hot.
To prevent data loss or media damage we offer cooling racks for your devices.

Write Protection for USB drives


Our U3 series can create USB thumbdrives with write protection.
Nobody can add data, erase data or change data on your US devices with Write Protection. The write protect function will only work with our USB drives.
This way we assure high-quality media and a perfect working write protect function.

Product Summary

The 3.0 USB duplicator U3 silver is the fastest USB duplication in the market.
It comes with awesome features for a professional duplication demand.
Only the Gold series has more features as it comes with a log report function.
There is no other standalone usb copier in the market that will have a better performance !

Datasheet for 3.0 USB Duplicator

Please check out the datasheet for more information about the Intelligent U3 here.

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