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SD Cloner i9 Silver Series

SD Cloner i9 Silver Series

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Product Information SD i9 Silver Series

The SD Cloner i9 silver series is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to easily and quickly copy SD cards.
With a copy speed of 33MB per second on each port, this system copies with bit-by-bit function.
You can copy and compare data from your master SD card to your targets SD cards.
This series is available from 7 up to 63 targets.


The i9 silver series comes with additional features if you compare it with the SuperB tower series.
With an ergonomical design, this SD card cloner offers a comfortable way to plug and pull SD cards.


Easy to use

You can control the system with an internal controller with 4 buttons and display.
The system also comes with a monitoring tool that you can connect to a PC.
Just follow the duplication process of your SD cloner on the monitor.

A green and red led will inform you about the copy result in the end.
The system can copy both SD cards and micro SD cards in separate slots.
So, if you're looking for a fast and reliable way to copy your SD cards,
the SD Cloner i9 silver series is the perfect solution for you.

Monitoring tool

The the implemented monitoring tool can visualize your production process on the monitor of your computer in realtime.


Quick Socket Technology

Our quick socket technology gives you the opportunity to change the sockets by yourself.
So once a socket reached its life time, you can change the sockets of your SD cloner fast and easy. You will not waste any time or money on repair processes.

Quick socket change at duplicator

Duplication modes


System & Files (Quick Copy):
A file is copied much quicker when a duplicator only copies the data, rather than the empty space within a file's capacity, using this mode, files are copied in Windows (FAT16/32/64/NTFS), Linux (ext2/ext3/ext4), and Mac (HFS/HFS+/HFSX) formats.

Whole Media Copy:
If a file format that is not one of the supported ones is copied, the system has to copy in "whole media copy" mode. The Intelligent 9 SD/MicroSD memory card duplicator not only has several intelligent device tests, but also has real capacity, speed, and formatting functions.

Highspeed data transfer


The SD Cloner comes with a copy speed of up to 2GB/minute.
This copy speed will be reached on all devices without any speed loss no matter how many ports you are using.
The speed limit is normally defined by the used SD-cards or micro SD-cards.

Erase modes

Erasing SD cards with investing much time helps a lot to be productive.
The erase functions we offer with our SD cloner are Quick Erase, Full Erase and DoD erase.

Checking functions

The SD duplicator can be used as SD card testing equipment.
This system can test your media to assure the SD cards you are using are good quality.
We offer the function Speed Test, Capacity Test, A2 Fake Cars Test, H3 Test, H5 Test & H6 Test.


To check our the full datasheet of the U-Reach i9 silver SD copier please click here.

Product summary

The SD Cloner i9 silver is saving your time in the SD card production process.
It was never so easy to product microSD or SD-cards. If you need additional features besides monitoring tool and swapable quicksockets check the Gold series.

The Gold series offers additional features like the Log report, Write protect function, Double Source comparison and Burn-proof function.


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