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Sata DOM Duplicator

Sata DOM Duplicator

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Product Information SATA DOM Duplicator

Our SATA DOM Duplicator is the only sata dom cloner from U-Reach.
It works standalone FPGA based and can handle multiple formats.
If you need to clone SATA DOM you found a solution that will fit to your needs.
How to duplicate SATA DOM media ?
Just plug your master and targets into the system and you are all set.
Press the START button and the unit will copy the SATA DOM for your fast and easy.


Highspeed SATA DOM Duplicator


The DOM9S8 U-Reach Sata dom duplicator can copy your media with a copy speed of up to 3.9GB per minute. As most SATA DOM are not faster the sata dom copier is always faster as the cards.

Variety of adaptors


With our variety of adaptors we the SATA DOM copier will fit to your needs.
One format is included and you can order additional adapters on demand.


You can use the DOM9S8 as an SATA DOM eraser as well. Different wiping modes offer the options to delete you data from your SATA dom devices.
The sata dom duplicator offers a Quick Erase, Full Erase and DoD Erase function.


Product Summary

The DOM9S8 sata dom duplicator works standalone and copies your master to 7 targets.
Plug them in, press START and you will get exact duplicates of your master.
The system duplicated with up to 3.9GB per minute  and works especially with different SATA DOM.

Datasheet for SATA DOM Duplicator

 For additional information on the Sata DOM Duplicator you can click here.

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