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SAS HDD Duplicator SA Series

SAS HDD Duplicator SA Series

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Product Information SA Series

You are looking for a SAS HDD duplicator that is compact fast and reliable ?
Then you finally found it !

Our SAS duplicator series SA can copy your SAS or SATA harddrives quick an easy.
Plug your master hard drive and your target hard disks an press the start button.
Your media will be copied fast and effortless.


Different copy modes 

The SAS drive duplicator can copy your SAS disks or SATA disks in 4 differnent copy modes. You can choose the right copy mode for your individual demand.

If you are working with known formats you choose the quick copy mode and safe time.

The sas duplicator can copy unknown formats as well with the whole hdd copy mode. This duplication process takes longer as you will copy the complete drive bit-by-bit.
The user need to make sure that the target has the same size of the target or bigger.
So the capacity of the SAS hard drives should be checked in advance.

Amazing copy speed


Our SAS duplicator series SA is a highspeed duplication solution.
We can copy drives with up to 30GB per minute !
The copy speed is limited to the used media.
This means the the writing specification of each harddrive will be the speed limit.


Our SAS copiers will always be much faster than any PC based copy solution.
Do not waste your time and money on slow computer based solutions !
We assure all our systems will safe you a lot of time.

Erase functions

Our portable SAS duplicators can be used as harddisk eraser hardware as well.
With the SA series we offer 7 individual wiping modes.
You can choose between quick erase, full erase (NIST Clear), DoD erase, DoD Comp, 7-pass erase, secure erase (NIST Purge) and Enhanced Erase.


The master port is a Read-Only port so we can assure you do not erase any important data by mistake.

SAS HDD Duplicator Design


The SAS copy machine is very easy to use.
You controll the duplication device with 4 buttons and the LCD display.
Just connect your devices, click the OK buttons and the system will do everything else.

SAS / SATA Interface


SAS ports are compatible with SATA harddisks.
For this reason there is no need of using any adapters for SATA harddrives.
Just plug in your SAS or SATA module and you are ready to copy or erase your media.

Product Summary

The SA duplicator series for SAS and SATA drives are the most advanced portable duplicators that can handle both formats. You can even use additional adapters if you want to cover more formats. Please note that a SAS HDD duplicator always can copy SATA format but a normal SATA copy machine cannot copy SAS !

Datasheet for SAS duplicator

Further information on the SA300 series you can check in the datasheets below.

For the 1 to 1 option click here.
For the 1 to 3 option click here.


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