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SAS Cloner MTSAS Series

SAS Cloner MTSAS Series

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Product Information MTSAS Series

U-Reach's MTS SAS duplicator series is an expert system for duplicating SATA/SAS hard drives that was designed for high-volume copying.
It utilizes U-Reach's multitasking technology to copy multiple targets simultaneously.
The SAS duplicator copy speed is up to 18GB per minute, without any decrease in speed even as the number of targets grows.


Different copy modes


The duplicator provides various copy modes, such as quick copy, all partitions copy, percentage copy and full HDD copy, to fulfill different duplication requirements.
Quick copy mode is able to copy data while omitting empty spaces,
thus increasing the speed of the process.

Amazing copy speed


Erase functions


Furthermore, the device has a range of erase functions, including Quick Erase,
Full Erase, DoD 5220 Erase, and Secure Erase, that adhere to government guidelines.
The MT SAS even has more erase functions such as 7 write erase, NSA erase & Enhance Secure Erase.

Fast Erase Keys

The fast erase keys can safe you time in your wiping process. Once you have a harddisk connected you can push the button and this port starts erasing immediately.
If you use the buttons the harddisks will erase asynchrously.

Auto Power Off

The MTS-SAS Series HDD/SSD duplicator has the ability to permit users to set the minimum rate of writing. This characteristic was created to stop and get rid of devices that obstruct the process of duplication and sanitizing.

Bad Sector Skipping


The skip function for bad sectors offers you the opportunity to copy harddisks even with defective areas. You can define how many errors are accepted and the system will proceed with your pre-setting.

CRC Checksum

Every U-Reach system has a "Copy&Compare" function to assure that the result is perfect. With the MT SAS copier there is the additional CRC checksum that you can douple check to assure the result is an exact copy of your master.

LOG Report

As one of our best products we equipped the MT SAS copy device with the log report.
This function is perfect for a professional duplication environment.
The duplication system itself saves the logs on the duplicator.
Once you need a log report you export it to your computer.
Safe it to your databank, analyze the log or print it our for the produced hard disks.

Wide range of adaptors

The SAS duplicator MT SAS is a cable-based copy system.
This means you can connect a variety of adapters to the system.
Just connect the adapter to the SAS/SATA cable and you can handle another format.

Product Summary

The MT SAS hdd duplicator is the best choice if you need to duplicate SAS HDD, SATA HDD and other formats. It is extremely felxible with a wide range of available adapters.
With the fast keys on each port you even can erase HDDs asynchronously.
If you do not need to use SAS devices please check out the SATA MT or IT series.

Datasheet for MT SAS

For more information about the MTSAS Series you can check out our datasheet here.


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