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Portable USB Duplicator UB Series

Portable USB Duplicator UB Series

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Product Information UB Series

We offer a portable USB duplicator range that is called "Carry series".
There are 3 different portable USB cloner models available.
The UB300 usb stick cloner comes with 2 targets, the UB600 with 5 targets and the UB800 with 7 targets.
All models are very compact and work standalone without the need of a PC.
Plug you master USB thumbdrive, your targets and press the "OK" button.


Different Copy Modes


The UB-Series is capable of 2 different copy modes.
They can copy known formats like Win, Linux and Mac with a quick copy mode which is called "System &Files".

Additionally they can even copy data which are in an unknown format.
There is the need of copy the whole USB device to assure all data is copied correct.
The user need to make sure that the targets at least have the capcity of the master.

Compare Function

All our flash duplicators have a compare function. With the "bit-by-bit" compare feature you can be sure that you copy is an exact duplicate of your master device.

Supports Multiple Format Devices

You can copy a wide range of different media by using card readers or adapters.
Not every card reader or adapter works fine.
So we recommend to order the card reader from us that the unit will work fine.

Writeblock Master Port

The master slot of our portable usb stick cloner is always a "Read-only" port.
So there is no risk of writing any data to your master devices.

Product Summary

The UB300, UB600 and UB800 carry series USB thumbdrive copiers are the most compact sytems in the market. If you only need to copy a small number of USB flash media from time to time these units can do the job.
If you need to duplicate media more often or need more features you can check out our other solutions.

Datasheet for Carry Series

If you need more information on the UB Series you can check out the datasheets here.
For the 1 to 2 target duplicator click here.

For the 1 to 5 target duplicator click here.

For the 1 to 7 target duplicator click here.

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