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Portable USB 3.0 Duplicator A1 Series

Portable USB 3.0 Duplicator A1 Series

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Product Description USB 3.0 Duplicator A1 Series

Our portable USB 3.0 duplicator A1 is the smallest USB 3.0 duplicator in the market.
It is very compact and has 3 targets with internal Display and 4 buttons.
Plug in your master thumbdrive and targes usb drives an push start.


Copy Modes


The A1 portable usb duplicator offers 2 different copy modes.
It depends on the format of your data if you can use the quick copy mode "System&Files" or if you need to copy the full thumbdrive "Whole HDD".

Known Formats like Win, Linux and Mac normally can be copied with the quick copy mode. Unknown formats can still be copied with the "Whole Media" mode.

Erase Options


The portable USB 3.0 duplicator can be used as an eraser as well.
Just plug the USB devices you want to wipe and choose between "Quick Erase", "Full Erase" and "DoD Erase. The system will wipe you usb drives safe and fast.

Quality Check Functions


You can use the check function H2 and H5 Read/Write to check the quality of your USB devices. These functions are helping you to validate the quality of your USB sticks.


As this is an USB3.1 duplication system it can copy USB-HDD without any problems.
Additionally you can use adaptors for other formats like microSD, SD-card or CF Card.
You need to assure the adapter has a good quality and does not influence the speed or result of the system.

USB Signal Detection

As this portable USB duplicator can handle USB2.0/3.0 & 3.1 thumbdrives it is important that each media is handled correctly. The usb copier will automatically verify the used media and handle the sticks with their technology.

Product Summary

If you are looking for a very compact USB3.1 copier you can choose our A1 usb copier.
It is a lot faster than your PC and there is no risk of virus infection.

Datasheet for A1 USB 3.0 Duplicator

Check out the full specs on the datasheet of the USB A1 series here.

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