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Portable Hard Drive Cloner Pro Series

Portable Hard Drive Cloner Pro Series

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Product information Pro Series

Our portable hdd copier series PRO offers many different models.
You can choose between 1 or 3 targets and three different speed performance options.
If you are looking for a portable hard drive cloner to duplicate your SSD or
copy your HDD you just found a great solution.
The best portable hard drive cloner is produced by U-Reach and will work fast and easy.


Different copy modes


The HDD copiers offer 4 different copy modes.
You can choose between Quick Copy, Full Copy, All Partitions and Percentage Copy.
The best copy mode depends on the media format you want to copy and the special duplication demand. Some special formats might limit the avaialability of copy modes.

Erase functions


The PRO HDD duplicators can be used as portable erasing devices.
Just plug the harddisks or SSD you want to wipe onto the target ports and
choose your wiping mode.
You can choose between different erase modes to fullfill different wiping demands.

Amazing copy speeds


The basic series can copy with up to 7.2GB copyspeed per minute,
the highspeed series can duplicate with up to 18GB per minuter and the
ultraspeed models can copy with up to 30GB per minute.

Ergonomical Design

As we do offer different models in the PRO hard drive cloner series, you can check out the different models Design.

The models with 1 target are shown below.


Here you can see the units with 3 targets.


All units come with a display and 4 buttons. This is the easiest way to controll the hdd copier. Just choose your function and start the process by pushing OK.

Optional adaptors

The hdd copier can be equipped with different adaptors.
We offer a wide range of adaptors which will provice the best possible copy speed.
Adaptors always need to work on SATA based protocol to work properly.


Product Summary

The Hard Drive Cloner PRO series offers you wide range of compact HDD duplicators.
You can choose between models depending on your requirement.
We offer solutions with 1 target or 3 targets and copy speed up to 30GB per minute.
If you need to copy HDDs or SSDs in small quantities on demand the models are right.
But if you are looking for a high volume hdd/ssd duplicator you should have a look at our other models.

Datasheets for portable HDD copier PRO series

Here you can check the individual datasheets for each hdd copier series:

For the Basic 1 to 1 option click here.
For the Basic 1 to 3 option click here.

For the Highspeed 1 to 1 option click here.
For the Highspeed 1 to 3 option click here.

For the Ultra-Highspeed 1 to 1 option click here.
For the Ultra-Highspeed 1 to 3 option click here.

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