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Portable Hard Disk Cloner IQ112

Portable Hard Disk Cloner IQ112

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Product Information

How to copy a hard disk fast and easy ? With the IQ112 hard disc cloner !
How to duplicate SSD or HDD without software ? With the IQ112 hard disc cloner !
Our IQ112 is the most economic hard drive duplicator in the market.
If you just want an easy solution to copy your SSD or HDD in a fast way - you found it.


Copy Modes for hard disk cloner


The IQ112 is our most economical hard disc cloner.
It is small, easy to use and affordable for almost everybody.
Use the Quick Copy mode for known formats or the Fully Copy mode for umknown formats.

LED indicators


With the installed LED you always get a status about the copy process.
You can see the result on the LED info or in the display.
The hard disk cloner will let you know about the copy process and result.

Product Overview


Check out the full view of the IQ112.
The unit has 1 master port, 1 target port, 2 buttons and a LCD display to use the unit.

What is in the box ?


The hard disk cloner IQ112 comes with 2 protection pads, power supply, 2 SATA cable and power cable.

Product Summary

Our IQ112 hard disk copier is the most economical way to duplicate harddrives or SSDs.
You connect your master disk, target drive and just press the OK button.
The duplicator will copy your data quick and easy.
If you need to copy media from time to time in small numbers - IQ112 is a good choice.

Datasheet for IQ112 hard disk cloner

Look at the datasheet for all information about the IQ112 here.


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