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NVME SAS Duplicator PHSSAS Series

NVME SAS Duplicator PHSSAS Series

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Product Information PHSSAS Series

Our PHSSAS nvme SAS duplicator can handle SAS, SATA and M.2 drives.
It is the only system that can handle all devices with slots for SAS/SATA and nvme.

No matter which format you need to handle the PHSSAS can handle it.
Just plug your master drive and your targets and you are ready for your highspeed harddisk production.


4 Different Copy Modes


The NVME SAS Duplicator can copy your SAS, SATA or M.2 drives in different methods.
Unique copy jobs do have a special demand.
This way you can choose the copy mode you need to create the perfect copy process.
(The master data is shown in blue and all areas that will be copied are red)

Media Wiping Modes


We do offer a wide range of different copy modes with this SAS duplicator.
So if you want to erase your harddisks for recyling or if you want to reuse them you can choose between modes.

Copy Speed

The PHSSAS nvme SAS duplicator has a copyspeed of up to 24GB per minute.
If you use media with a lower writing speed the bottleneck of the progress is the media.
Always try to choose good quality media with a good writing performance.




The M2 SAS duplicator has SAS module interfaces for SAS and SATA and M.2 module interfaces for M2 modules. The M.2 modules will recognize the SATA or Nvme signal automatically.

Cross Copy Function


The Cross Copy function offers the possibility to copy between different formats.
Just plug your media and push the start button.

Log Report download


The pcie SAS duplicator NVME PHSSAS comes with the log report function.
A log is automatically saved in the system and you can export the data to your computer. Additionally you can safe a log on the SD port on the front of the system.

Product Summary

The PHSSAS seris is the only system for SAS,SATA and M2 nvme at the same time.
So if you need to handle all these formats in your company you should consider this model.
If you are producing a very high number of all these formats you should go for a system for each format as the PHSSAS is only available with 5 targets.

Datasheet for the PHSSAS

For full detailed information on the PHSSAS Series please click here.

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