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U-Reach NVME M2 SSD Cloner PE Series

U-Reach NVME M2 SSD Cloner PE Series

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Product Description PE Series

The PE series nvme m2 duplicator is a standalone copy system.
It works without a PC and there is no need of any additional software.
You can handle M.2/U.2 & U.2 Nvme/SATA devices in one system.
This M.2 copier can be used as an copy system or an eraser.


4 Different Copy Modes


The U-Reach PE series NVME copy mashine offer 4 smart copy options.
You can just choose the right process for your projects demand.
(Picture shows the data on the master in blue and the areas that will be copied in red)

Media Sanitization


If you are an expert in HDD & SSD duplication you will meet the demand of erasing media professionally. With our PCIE duplicator it is very easy to erase data.
We offer different wiping modes to get rid off your data in safe way.

2 Different Speed Models

We do offer 2 PE models with different copy speeds.
There is the standard model with up to 24GB per minute.


And there is the Highspeed (-H) model with a copy speed of up to 60Gb per minute.


Please check the media you are using and choose the model for your demand.

Cross Interface Duplication


One of the best features is that you can use our PE copier to copy between interfaces.
This means you can copy from M.2 SATA interface to SATA interface with SATA signal and with NVMe signal.

Supported Interfaces


You can handle different media formats with a wide range of additional adapters.
The photo above shows you some great opportunities.

Log Report


Use the log report for analysis or for internal and external quality management.
Each process will be saved in the m2 duplicator.
You can export these logs to your computer or download them on an USB thumbdrive.
It is the perfect tool to have a clean report of every production. If you need to check single serial numbers later you just search for them with the search function.

Product Summary

The PE series is one of the best duplication hardware for M.2 or U.2 in the market.
It is a very powerful unit with a lot of awesome features.
We do offer more economical series with less features and even models with separate nvme and SATA ports.
Yes we do offer the right solution for almost every demand and budget !

Datasheet for PE series

Check our the PE Series datasheet and click one of the following links.

For the Standard series click here.
For the Highspeed seiers click here.

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