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Hard Drive Eraser TP100G

Hard Drive Eraser TP100G

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Product Information Eraser TP100G

The hard drive eraser TP100G is a small hdd wipe tool to wipe your data quickly.
If you want to know how to erase data from a HDD or SSD here is the answer.
Connect your HDD or SSD to the hard disk eraser TP100G and delete all data from your hard drive.
Controll the hdd wiper with the 4 buttons and the LCD screen and navigate in the menu.


Compact Hard Drive Eraser


You need a small compact hdd eraser ? Check our TP100G with multiple erase modes.
It comes with the log report function and is pretty easy to use.

Different Erase Modes

The TP100G eraser offers multiple ways to erase your HDD or wipe you SSD media.
Choose between erase functions that will fit to your individual demand.


Use the Secure Erase function for SSD or delete data on HDD with one of the erase methods. No matter what security level you define the TP100G Wiper can match it.

HDD Erasing Speed


The TP100G hard drive eraser can wipe your HDD, SSD or other media with adapter at a speed of up to 7.2GB per minute. Just connect your hard disks and wipe your data.
It was never so easy to erase data from your hardware.

Multiple Formats with Adaptors

The harddrive sanitizer can handle multiple formats by using adaptors.
You need to assure these adapters work with SATA protocol and have a good quality.
We recommend to use adaptors from us to prevent low quality adaptors.
The best eraser hardware will not work with bad quality adaptors.

Log Report Function


The hard drive wiping systems comes with a log report function.
This function offers you the possibility to get the log to external media.

Product Summary

If you wondered how to wipe data from SSD or HDD you found a way to do it.
The TP100G will do the job in a safe process without any doubts.
Choose your erase method the wiping tool will do the rest.
This erasing hardware can be used for small quantities on demand. We recommend to choose a harddisk sanitizer with more targets if you need to handle big quantities.

Datasheet for hard drive eraser TP100G

Check out more information about the TP100G and click here.

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