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Hard Drive Duplicator IT Series

Hard Drive Duplicator IT Series

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Product Information IT Series

The IT-G hard drive duplicator is a professional HDD-/SSD-duplicator.
It is designed for a high-volume production of HDDs or SSDs.
With our developed technology we can copy to all targets at the same time with up to 9GB (-G series), 18GB (-H series) or 30GB (-U series) per minute.

We guarantee our systems will not have any performance loss while using multiple targets at the same time.


Different copy modes


The IT series provides four different copy options.
We call them "Smart Copy", "All Partition Copy", "Whole HDD Copy" and "Percentage Copy". This way we can meet all the different tasks in the industry.

The quick "Smart Copy" mode copies your data and skips all the blank areas.
This way you can copy only the data on your devices. The formats NTFS, Linux (Ext2/3/4), FAT (16/32/64) as well as Mac (HFS, HFS+, HFSX) are supported by this mode.

Amazing copy speed

We provide 3 different speed version of the IT series.
We offer the -G series with up to 9GB/min copyspeed, the -H series with up to 18GB/min and the -U series with up to 30GB/min data duplication speed.

It is important to choose the right speed version for the used media.

The newest version is the -U series which stands for Ultraspeed.
(picture only for -U series)

Erase functions

Additionally the IT hard drive duplicator is equipped with erase functions.
We offer different wiping options like "Quick Erase", "Full Erase", "DoD 5220 Erase" and "Secure Erase". 
It is quite easy to sanitize your data from HDDs and SSDs.
Connect the drives to this hdd duplicator and press the OK button.


Skip Bad Sectors

With this function you can copy HDDs even if the have damaged areas.
You can define how many areas can be ignored while copying.
So once you defined your settings the hdd copier will still copy the harddrive.


Different Adapters

With the IT HDD copy solution you can use different adapters for different formats.
You connect your device to the adapter and connect them via SATA port to the duplicator.


CRC Verification

The Hard drive duplicator IT can provide a CRC number after the copy process.
You can assure the copy was done perfectly by checking the CRC number.


LOG Report

The log report function is a nice tool to manage your duplication projects.
Copy processes are safed in the duplicator and can be exported to your computer.
Just connect your PC via USB to the hard drive copy system and export the duplication jobs.
You can store them in your databank or use a printed version for your QC management.
Additionally you can use the search function later and check serial numbers of harddrives.


Product Summary

The IT series is one of the best HDD copiers in the market. It works cable-free which means that standard 2,5" and 3,5" SATA formats can be plugged and pulled very fast and easy.
Choose between 3, 7 and 15 targets and decide the copyspeed -G, -H, -U you need.
If you need to handle many different formats you should check out the MT series. This version works with cables and you can connect adapters quite easy.

Datasheets for -G/-H/-U series

For more information about the IT series you can check out the different datasheets.

For the -G Standard series click here.
For the -H Highspeed series click here.
For the -U Ultraspeed series click here.


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