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Epson Disc Producer PP100III

Epson Disc Producer PP100III

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Product Information Epson Disc Producer PP100III

The EPSON Disc Producer ist the best Disc publisher in the world.
If you want to buy a automatic compact disc producer the EPSON disc producer series is the best choice. It is very compact with a small footprint, has 2 disc writers to write CDs, DVDs or Blu-rays and has an internal 6 color single in printer.
With a capacity of 100 discs you can easy produce your discs on demand.


Disc Producer Productivity

The PP-100III's high performance means you can record as much as 30 CDs per hour (600MB), 15 DVDs per hour (3.8GB), 8.5 BDs per hour (23.8GB) and printing only, 65/45 discs per hour (fast and fine mode).

The unit is dustproofed and fully automated to ensure reliable and safe operation.
Its patented AcuGrip robotic arm ensures that only one disc is picked at a time,
allowing unsupervised production.

Included Software

Total Disc Maker 7.0 software is part of the package. This includes powerful advanced features like "Read Back" file localisation to search within a full stack of 50 discs.
For easier batch production, the 'Merge Print' feature prints individual database content onto each disc surface.

Easy Maintenance of Disc Producer PP100III


The maintenance cartridge and drives can easily changed from the user.
This way the life of the PP-100III is extended to over 75,000 discs, ensuring long-term cost effectiveness.
The six-cartridge single ink system keeps the printing cost per disc down.
And with the front LED display will monitor the ink levels.


Compact EPSON Disc Producer

For organisations with high volume disc publishing requirements, the compact and fully stackable Discproducer offers valuable space saving benefits.
The EPSON Disc Producer series was designed to be as compact as possible.
For this reason it is the perfect system in areas with little space available.
It fits perfect in the hospital environment to create patient Discs.


High Quality CD-/DVD-/BD-writers

The EPSON Disc Producer PP100 series work with the best CD-/DVD-/Blu-ray writers in the market. These drives were especially designed for the EPSON disc producer line.
A perfect writing result is a needed key-feature for a successful disc publisher.
EPSON offers the best writing and printing result for discs - no doubt !


So you are looking for the best Disc Producer in the market ?
You want to buy a great disc publisher at reasonable price ?
Then you found the product to your needs !

Dicom Patient Discs

The EPSON Disc Producer PP100III is the first choice if you want to produce individual patient discs in a hospital.
So if you want to create dicom compatible patient discs with the indivual studies and customized print on the disc you can use the PP100III unit with a Dicom Software solution from different software suppliers.

We recommend the DISCUS DICOM MEDIA CENTER which is a full setup with EPSON DISC PRODUCER PP100III, a DICOM Server with the special software. 

Product Summary

The EPSON Disc Producer is the best choice if you need a disc publisher to burn and print discs. It burns data at a very high quality and the print is the best printing result in the market.

Datasheet PP100III

If you want to check out more information about the EPSON Disc Producer P100III please click here.


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