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Disk Eraser TP400G

Disk Eraser TP400G

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Product Information Eraser TP400G

The TP400G disk eraser is a compact hard disk wiper with 4 independent ports.
You can erase all media with SATA connection and even more formats with adapters.
It comes with 4 ports which can be started separately and each port works asynchronously from the others.
This system is our most compact eraser with 4 ports and many different erase methods.


Erase Modes


The TP400G eraser was developed for one thing: Erase harddrives safe and fast.
We implemented 6 different Erase options to match each individual wiping demand.

QUICK ERASE- erases the index of the HDD very fast.
FULL ERASE- erases the whole HDD with all empty spaces
DoD ERASE- wipes the HDD 3 times complying to the US Department of Defense Standard "DoD 5220.22-M(E)
DoD ERASE COMP- sanitizes the HDDs 3 times and compares it one time as DoD standard 5220.22-M(E)
SECURE ERASE- deletes the whole HDD data as well as HPA/DOC and other not loadable areas - international high stadard secure erase function.
7 PASS ERASE- Complying to the US Department of Defense standard DoD 5220.22-M(ECE), erases the whole HDD and writes for 7 times.

Erasing at Highspeed


With an erase speed of 7.2GB per minute the system is a very fast sanitization tool.
Just plug your SSD or HDD into the eraser and push the "GO" button.
The TP400G will delete all the data very quick.

Erase Record Printer Option


With the optional thermal printer you can print out each log report.
Attach it to your erase HDD and use it as a tool for your Quality Control process.

Log Report Export


A log report is created for each erased HDD.
You can export the LOG to a USB thumbdrive or print it with the printer.
This way you can proof each exact erase process for every wiped media.

Erases Different Media

The TP400G provides SATA connectors on board. If you want to erase other formats like mSATA, NGFF, IDE or others we provide a wide range of SATA adaptors.

Asynchronous Erase Ports

The disk eraser TP400 has 4 asynchronous SATA ports. So once you plugged in a HDD or SSD you directly start the erase process.
You do not need to wait until all harddisks are plugged in.
Each port erases fully independent and you can plug a new harddrive once the port is finished.

Product Summary

Our TP400G is the most compact eraser with 4 asynchronous ports to wipe your HDD, SSD and other media. It provides a log report function and you can print out the log on the optional printer. As we offer a wide range of adapters the wiping tool can be used for many different media.
If you only need one SATA Port you can check out our TP100G.

Datasheet for TP400G

For further information about the TP400G hard disk eraser please click here.

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