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Hard Disk Eraser GT86 Series

Hard Disk Eraser GT86 Series

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Product Information HDD Eraser GT86 Series

Our new GT86 Series hard disk eraser is the new generation disk wiping tool !
We implemented a touch screen display and many different sanitization functions.

The SAS eraser can erase SAS & SATA harddisks and many other formats with optional adapters. Choose from a huge list of erasing methods.
With a disk wiping speed of up to 30GB per minute and the SMART info function it is the best solution to sanitize your media.


Erasing Methods


We do offer a lot of different erase methods with the hard disk eraser GT86 Series.
It is our most advanced media eraser we offer.

Most of our duplicators provide different erase modes included.
But the GT86 Series was especially developed to match all sanitization demands.

Standalone Eraser


The GT86 Series works as a standalone wiping system. There is no need of using a software.
You do not need to run a computer to use the system.
As we do run a WIN OS system on the unit there is no risk of virus infection at all.
So with a standalone unit you avoid information securtiy leakage and increase you security mangement level.

SMART info


The SMART info shows all info about the used harddisks. You can see all info like drive model, serial number, SMART info, disk capacity, erase and write values.
Please note that your drives need to sipport the SMART info command.

Asynchronous erase with Fast Key


With the fast keys on every port you can start the wiping process asynchronously.
Once you plugged in your drive you can start the hard disk eraser with the blue button.

You will use this hard disk eraser with different capacity drives at the same time.
For this reason we implemented the asynchronous mode.
Each port can be used as an independent port so you can start each slot at any time.

Data Erasure Certificate with Log


All the erase processes will be logged in the system.
You can export them to your computer and safe them in your data bank or print out the report of the erased hard disks and add them to your production.

Product Summary

The GT86 Series it an advanced hard disk eraser. With its touchscreen and the quick buttons the system is unique. It has a huge range of different erase modes for every demand.

Datasheet GT86 Series hard disk eraser

For more Information about the Hard Disk Eraser GT864 please click here.

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