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CRU Duplicator MT-CRU Series

CRU Duplicator MT-CRU Series

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Product information MT-CRU Series

The MT-CRU duplicator is our solution to copy the CRU DX115 carriers.
In the cinema industry movies can be distributed with a CRU DX115 carrier which holds the harddrive.
The carriers fit into the cinema servers by just sliding them into the frame of the servers.

With our CRU copy station MT you can easily duplicate this format in a blink.
Put your master HDD and your targets into the system and start the duplication process.

The MT CRU series is available with 7 or 15 targets.


Variety of copy modes


There are different modes available to copy the CRU HDD carriers.
If you are working with known fomats as Windows (FAT16/32/64,NTFS), Linux (ext2,ext3,ext4) or Mac (HFS,HFS+,HFSX) you can work with the quick copy mode "System&Files". In this copy mode you only copy the data on the HDD and not the empty space.

If you need to copy unknown formats that is no problem.
Just use the copy mode "Whole HDD" and the complete CRU HDD will be copied.

Amazing copy speed


Our CRU duplicator MT series will offer you a stable copy performance.
No matter if you plug in 1, 7 or 15 targets, the speed will not decrease.
Due to our FPGA technology we always will keep the speed of up to 18GB per minute.

Sanitization functions


This system is not only a duplicator but a Wiping tool.
You can erase the data on your CRU DX115 harddisks by selecting different erase modes.

Auto Kick out

The system can automatically "kick-out" Hdds that do not match your minimum speed definition. So if a CRU HDD is copying to slow it will be kicked out of the duplication process and the power will be disconnected.
This way you can disconnect the defective HDD for further analysis while the other DX115 are still copying.

Double Verification


Besides the compare function that is checking the copies "bit-by-Bit" with the master,
there is the possibility to use the CRC function.
Check out the CRC number after production to assure the copy is perfect.

Bad Sektor Skip


If you want to copy hdds that already have bad sectors you can do that.
Just define how many errors you accept in the setting and the system will follow your setup.
So you will be able to copy all data that is still available by setting the error limit to "unlimited".

LOG Report


The Log Report function is a great tool to check the result of your projects.
Besides all info about the duplication hardware that was used,
you can see information about the duplication process and the used CRU harddrives.

You can save the report for later analysis or search for serial numbers.
Some service companies use the Log report as an QC tool.
The Log can be printed and be added to each duplication project.

Product Summary

The MT CRU duplicator is the best copy system for DX115 CRU carriers.
It was never so easy to copy movie content to many harddrives.
Alternatively we offer a version that will fit into your 19" server rack.

Datasheet for the MT CRU

For further information on the MT-CRU Series you can click here.


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