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Cfast card Duplicator i9 Silver Series

Cfast card Duplicator i9 Silver Series

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Product Information CFast i9 Silver Series

The i9 CFast Silver series is one of our best CFast card duplicators.
It has all the features of the SuperB tower but comes with a monitoring tool and our Quick Socket Technology.
Furthermore the case was designed in an ergonomical way to provide a comfortable work environment.


Different copy modes


There are two different copy options available. "System and files" is the quick copy function & "Whole media" is the copy mode that will handle all kind of different formats. "System and files" works with most known formats. (FAT16/32/64/NTFS on Windows, ext2/ext3/ext4 on Linux, and HFS/HFS+/HFSX on Mac OS).

If your format will not work with the quick mode the system will switch to the whole media mode automatically to handle the copy process. It will take longer as it copies every bit of you card but you still will be able to handle your media. 
Just make sure your target media has at least the size of your master to use the "Whole Media Mode.

Awesome Copy Speed


The CFast card duplicator is always more stable and a lot faster than a PC based duplicator. Our systems are virus-risk free. So you do not need to worry about this.
With our FPGA technolgy every port is independant and guarantees highspeed copying.

Erase functions

Our copy systems can be use as wiping devices.
Some clients are using our devices as data wiping solutions.
There are 3 standard erase modes available with the CFast cloning systems.
You can decide if you want to use "Quick Erase", "Full Erase" or "DoD Erase".

Monitoring tool

The monitoring tool will show you the production progress on the screen of your PC.
Once the duplicator is connected with USB cable to your PC you can follow your production processes visually.

Monitoring tool CFast copier silver

Quick Sockets

Quick sockets Technology was launched to minimize repair time and service costs.
Once a socket breaks down after heavy usage everybody can change a socket very easy.
Safe your time and money and just change the socket yourself.
Changeable quick sockets CF cloning device

Ergonomical Design

The new design of the CFast card duplicator i9 silver is much more compact and ergonomic. The new format comes with a smaller footprint and the shape provides a much better handling of media.

Compact design duplcaition equipment Cfast cards

Product Summary

The CFast card duplicator i9 silver is a high-volume CFast copy system.
If you are looking for a cloner that does the job fast and easy without a lot of effort you found the right product. If you need additional features like a log report, double source comparison or burn-in proof please check our i9 CF gold series.

Datasheet i9 CFast silver

If you want to know more about the i9 CFast card copier check the datasheet here.


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