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Cfast Card Cloner Carry Series CFA121

Cfast Card Cloner Carry Series CFA121

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Product Information CFast Carry Series

The CFast121 is a portable CFast card cloner that fits in every pocket.
It is very compact and can copy from one master card to one target.
If you are a professional photographer or just need a quick backup
of an existing CFast card you found the right solution !


The CFast copier creates an exact duplicate of your master CFast card.
Just plug your soruce device, your target and press the start button.
The Copier will duplicate bit-by-bit and compare the targets with the master.

Different copy modes


Amazing copy speed

CFAST copier copy speed

The CF121 works FPGA based and guaratees best copy speed for CFast cards.
As long as the CFast cards offer a good writing speed preformance the CFast copier can reach a copy speed of up to 3.9GB per minute.

Erase functions

The CFast 1 to 1 duplicator can be used as an eraser as well.
You can use the "Quick Erase","Full Erase" or "DoD Erase" mode.
With these function you can use the CFA121 as a sanitizer system.

Compact Design

You can carry around the system easily. It fits into every pocket and is a real lightweight.

Product Summary

If you need a compact solution to copy a CFast card from time to time you can use the CF121 Ureach Cfast card cloner. To check out the full specification about this model you can check out the datasheet here.


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