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CF Socket P1046 (CF I9 Series)

CF Socket P1046 (CF I9 Series)

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Product Information P1046 CF Socket

This CF socket is used in the i9 CF duplicator.
If you want to replace broken sockets of the i9 CF copy system you can use this part.
It is easy to replace by yourself.



Quick socket for CF intelligent 9 CF card copier.
The socket has a green and red LED light indicator.
You can use it in the i9 silver and i9 gold series.
This socket supports CF1.0,2.0,3.0,4.0 and 4.1 technology CF cards.
CF sockets have 30-pin connectors

Product Summary

This socket can be used for the U-Reach intelligent 9 series duplicators.
Once they break down after heavy usage you can easily change them by yourself.
There is no need of technical support or RMA process. Just change the socket easily.


This adapter can be used in the i9 CF Gold series or in the i9 CF silver series.


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