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Cfast Duplicator Cfast Native Series

Cfast Duplicator Cfast Native Series

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Product Information CFast Native Series

Our newest CFast duplicator in the CFast family is the i9 Cfast Native series.
It works the same way as our other intelligent 9 copy systems
but it adapts SATA protocol and increases the compatibility.

The i9 series Gold is our most featured Cfast card cloner.
Additionally to the functions of the SuperB copy tower and the i9 silver series,
we added three unique features.
Check out our Log report, Double Source comparison and Burn-in proof functions
on the finest CFast card duplicator available.


Our i9 CFast duplicator Native gold series comes with all the available features.
Besides beeing the fastest device for CFast card duplication, you can change the Quick Sockets by yourself, follow the progress with the monitoring tool or export a log report after the duplication process.

Duplication Modes


You can duplicate your CFast cards in two different modes.
There is a quick copy mode called "System and Files" and
the "Whole Media" mode that will copy your whole CFast card.
The quick duplication mode supports known formats such as WIN (FAT16/32/64/NTFS), LINUX (ext2/3/4) or Mac (HFS/+/X).

The system can copy unknown formats without any problem.
For this job you need to choose the "Whole Media" copy mode.
The CFast cloner will copy the full CFast card "bit-by-bit".
In this duplication mode the target capacitiy always need to be bigger than the master.

Duplication Speed


The CFast Native copy machine is the fastest CFast cloner we offer.
With up to 9GB per minute copy speed you replicate CFast cards quick and effortless.
Thanks to our FPGA technology we will always have a stable performance at every port.
The system will not get any slower with more targets like a PC based system.

Wipe functions

The CFast copy machine is not only a Duplicator. It comes with different wipe functions.
Erase your CFast cards with the wipe functions "Quick Erase", "Full Erase"(NIST800-88)  or "DoD Erase"(DoD 5220.22-M).

Monitoring function

Connect the CFast copy system to your computer with an USB cable and install the monitoring tool.
You can follow your copy or erase progress on the monitor of your computer.
This way you can already see during the process if any media has a performance issue.


Quick Sockets

No more repair costs for changing ports !
With our "Quick Socket Technology" we offer the possibiltiy to change the sockets at your location. Once a socket is broken you just change it by yourself.
Turn off the unit, change the socket to a new one and you are all set.

New Case Design

Our i9 series comes in a new designed case. We focused on creating the most comfortable working environment with an ergonomical case design.
Additionally it safes space in your office if you compare the unit with other duplicator cases.


LOG Report

A professional production need to work with reports and documentations.
For this reason we developed the LOG report function for our CFast duplicators Gold.
The log for each media CFast card is automatically stored on the duplicator.
Once you need the log you can export the file via USB to your computer.
You can pre-define the log you need to assure only the correct data is exported.


Double Source Comparison


For a high-volume flash production you need to know that the master can get worn out. If you read a flash card many times you might lose some bits on the master card.
To assure your duplication results are perfect, it makes sense to copy the data from one master card and to compare with another master card.

Product Summary

The CFast Native coper i9 Gold is the fastest CFast copier in the market.
It comes with some great features which make the unit quite unique.
The unit will safe you time in your CFast production line.
Just plug power and your media and the copier will do everything else.

Datasheet for CFast Native

Check out the datasheet for the Native Series here.


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